SSD Recovery Services

SSD Recovery Services from SSD disk drive is one of the most demanding services now days. TECHCHEF offer best service among all specialties in Delhi. With years or analysis, development and reverse engineering we have a tendency to manage to recover knowledge from SSD onerous drives like Samsung, OCZ, and Intel etc.

  • Bad physics, SSD drive not recognized by the bios
  • Bad controller
  • Inaccessible drives and partitions
  • Corrupted knowledge from classification system corruption, virus etc.
  • Hard disk crashes
  • Fire & water harm (Water spill or portable computer got born to the water)
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions
  • Accidental deletion of knowledge

For best SSD Recovery Services in Delhi the initial diagnosing determines whether or not the media is accessible to our work instrumentality. If so, the primary priority is to make a raw image of the info .If the media is inaccessible in our work can take a look at the parts and closely examine its internal health to work out the extent of physical harm.

DATA RECOVERY have created a full set of hardware and code tools utilized by our engineers to investigate, fix and recover knowledge from raw pictures of all operative systems. Once a recovery has been with success performed, file lists data created and knowledge validity and integrity is checked. The recovery results are going to be submitted to the client, as a part of our verification of valuable data.

We offer SSD Recovery for raw image by examining the low-level knowledge sectors and deciding what fixes to classification system structures square measure required to induce access to the vital knowledge.

TECHCHEF Solid state drive recovery service is one among the leading corporations, having best team of expertise of more than a decade, offers SDD recovery service. We’ve got a team of extremely qualified and well trained professionals that makes knowledge recovery potential. We are able to recover data from SSD of all major brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Patriot, SKILL, Samsung, Intel, OCZ and Corsair.

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