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Techchef is India’s leading data recovery and data erasure service provider, partnering global leader Blancco. Apart from offering Blancco software solutions for data erasure and data erasure as a service, Techchef also partners with Garner Products, world leaders in data elimination using hardware based devices and solutions.

We offer a range of Garner products for degaussing of magnetic storage media and data storage media destruction devices:

* Tape and hard drive degaussers in a range of 3 models. The devices generate evenly distributed magnetif field with strength of 20000 gauss to erase data completely from hard drives and magnetic storage tapes. The devices have a SCAN-1 scanner and software to generate reports. It is useful for all kinds of magnetic media hard drives used in networks, laptops, desktops as well as for 30000 high coercivity tape media. It takes about 45 seconds to erase data from a hard disk.

* Storage media destroyers

It is important for organizations and public government departments to be extra-cautious about data, especially when IT systems are being revamped and data is migrated from old storage to new storage. It also applies in cases when data storage media has reached end of life and must be destroyed or disposed off. In all such cases Techchef offers degaussing services using Garner high end globally certified and recognized products. This data media degaussing service works only on magnetic media and is available as a service for organizations that have low volume needs only on occasion.

Degaussing service: We can depute our technicians along with equipments to premises of clients and carry out degaussing acompanied with tamper proof report after which clients are free to reuse the media or shred and destroy it before disposal.

Our services are guaranteed and fail-proof and our reports help organizations stay compliant with legal requirements as regards safety of data.