Data Erasure Solution


The Most Reliable Choice for Data Erasure

Techchef, the sole authorized service provider partner of Blancco, the world leader in data erasure, degaussing and data destruction services, brings to India high end services in these areas.

About Blancco

Blancco Technology Group was established in 1997 with a worldwide persence of 275 employees and a suite of data erasure services. The software and hardware solutions have 18 global certifications and are accepted as industry standard by government and corporate sectors woldwide. Blancco products match and exceed rigorous specifications of legal authorities, governments and independent test laboratories. Their suite of products are easy to use, absolutely fool-proof and totally reliable, ensuring peace of mind of users who have to handle large amounts of sensitive data that must be kept safe and destroyed or erased in the event of system upgradation or changes. Blancco products assure 100% data erasure with tamper-proof audit trails.

The Blancco difference

  • Blancco’s leadership position in data erasure is unchallenged due to a number of reasons:
  • Blancco data erasure software complies with 22 global standards and offers tamper-proof reports that match or exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Blancco offers 52 different automated tests to diagnose Android and iOS mobile devices
  • 18 governing bodies have ratified Blancco products.

Key features

Techchef promotes Blancco in India and recommends it for its key features that are simply unmatched:

  • Blancco data erasure software absolutely and thoroughly erases all data from all types of storage media including HDD, SDD, Flash memory, mobile, cloud, vitual, RAID and LUN.
  • Blancco data erasure software is certified by NATO, DoD, NSTL, TUV-Rheinland, Infosec, CEST, AIVD, ABW, RITEA and NSM.
  • Blancco data erasure is cost effective and time saving since it can simultaneously erase data from a number of hard drives or other storage devices.
  • Customers can customize licnce to suit their data erasure needs—there is no need to pay for features that will not be used.

Blancco data erasure software is customized to suit various end uses such as:

Blancco Drive Eraser This is the best tool to securely and thoroughly erase all data from hard disks, solid state drives and dismantle RAID arrays. The product complies with ISO 27001 and ISO 27040 with patented SSD erasure technology. It can be used locally and deployed remotely, providing a digitally signed certificate on completion of the process that meets stringent audit requirements.
Blancco Mobile Device Eraser This is the perfect tool to erase data from memory in Blackberry, Windows, Android and ios Devices. It can erase data from 40 devices at the same time in an automated, fail-safe process with a digitally signed certificate at the end. Complies with ISO 27001 and ISO 27040.
Blancco File Eraser This is an advanced file erasure tool to remove selected files from PCs, laptops and servers, exceeding Defense standard 5220.22-M and 21 global standards. It can be used to erase just one file or a combination of files and folders in an automated process that can be scheduled.
Blancco Removable Media Eraser This is the best tool to erase data from removable media like SD cards, flash drives and USB drives with capability to handle multiple devices at the same time and create on-demand centralized data erasure stations.
Blancco LUN Eraser This tool is for organizations wishing to erase data in active storage environments while keeping the OS intact. LUNs can then be reused immediately. The process can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic and runs from WinPE. Complies with industry standards and regulation with a tamper proof audit trail.
Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser Where virtual machines and hypervisors are involved blancco eraser simplifies the task of identifying specific data and removing virtual machines that are not required anymore. It handles VMWare, ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle virtual box and virtual had disks for VMDK, VHDX, VDI and OVF.
Blancco Management Console Any and all of the foregoing services can be completely monitored through the management console that also helps in managing IT assets as ell as data erasure licenses and additionally create users or modify them and view activities. It can be deployed on-premises or cloud with visibiity for 250 hardware details.

Techchef, the licensed and sole authorized distributor of Blancco products can offer any or all of the above products. Our trained personnel can work closely with clients to identify needs and we then recommend a solution that offers assured performance, backed by our service support.

Blancco supports 22 international erasure standards set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories. Regardless of the internal standard(s) required by your government or organization, Blancco solutions can help you prove compliance and protect your data.