Dropped internal hard drive, How to open Seagate external Hard drive

Here are Six do's and don'ts

Are you guilty of dropping your sensitive hard drive on the ground? Indeed, the external hard drive has sensitive components that could easily get broken when dropped from a certain height. A physically damaged hard drive is more complicated to fix than a logically failed hard drive. Here are Six do's and don'ts that you should follow to protect your valuable data from permanent data loss due to hard drive drop

1. Check if the hard drive is still working

It’s necessary to first check the hard drive condition after dropping it to diagnose things better. Connect the external hard drive to the computer to see any possibilities.

2. Check for warranty

Hey, are you late for the warranty yet? Check out the hard drive warranty if it’s not over yet and rush to the manufacturer for a better solution. They can send you a replacement for it.

3. Stop using if you hear strange noises

When a hard drive gets severely damaged, it makes strange noises like clicking, grinding or whirling. When the head crashes or the spindle gets closer to the disk, these sounds come out. Stop using the drive as soon as you hear it, and protect your data from percent inaccessibility.

4. Look for Data backup

The best way to avoid data loss is to have an up-to-date backup. You don’t have to compromise your data loss for any device failure when you have the accessibility of your data with a data backup. 

5. Don’t attempt diy recovery with software 

DIY recovery software is good to go when you are trying to fix any file corruption or logical failure in your hard drive, but it’s not at all a good idea for a physically damaged hard drive.
Moreover, it could further damage the drive and risk your data getting permanently damaged.

6. Contact a data recovery specialist immediately

Data recovery specialists are highly recommended because they have sufficient tools, high-end technology, and skills needed to recover a physically failed hard drive. With the specialist, data recovery chances are higher than any other quick fix and is the safest option. 


Whether it’s an internal or external hard drive, both can suffer serious hardware damage when dropped on the ground, and data recovery in such cases is more complex. Follow these do's and don’ts to protect your precious data from permanent inaccessibility.

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