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Data loss can happen any moment anywhere hence it's always advised to be careful while handling the storage devices. The most common reason for data loss is found to be the deletion of files accidentally. Apart from this another most common reason is physical damage to the device. In such a situation people most likely prefer to retrieve the data all of there own because they are worried about the confidentiality of their data.

Techchef is one of the leading Data Recovery Service providers in India who very well understands their customer’s confidentiality and value of data stored in hard drives.

We at Techchef are proficient in External Drive Recovery; the team is skillful enough to deal with hard drives of all the leading brands like Sony, Seagate, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, etc. The experts at our end-use a very standard method for Hard Drive Data Recovery. The team is sound enough with all the operating systems and the architectures of the operating systems, hence they don't face any issues while handling any of the hard drives.

Let’s understand the physical architecture of a hard disk

The hard disk is made of several platters; each platter has a magnetic coating. These platters spin with the help of an actuator arm. These arms are attached with a copper wire through which the data are transmitted in an encrypted form which is further stored on the platters. Along with the platters we see a circuit board in the hard drive. The experts at Techchef first check for the circuit board and actuator in the hard drive and try to fix them. If you ever hear any absurd sound from the drive or do not hear the spinning noise from the hard drive then understand that there is any physical fault in the hard drive. In such a situation immediately take your hard drive to an expert for hard drive recovery service.

Techchef has a wide infrastructure for its experts to work in. The experts need a clean room for the External Drive Data Recovery, or else a speck of small dust can cause a huge error.

The experts in our team are also masters in RAID Data Recovery and give 100% accuracy.

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