Corrupted PSD File Recovery, PSD Data File Recovery

Here are these two PSD files culprits that cause data loss.

Millions of Adobe photoshop users, designers, web developers, photographers, and editors in the majority always have data loss problems regarding the psd files. There are commonly two major data loss problems with psd files that can ruin your work by making the file inaccessible. Here are these two PSD files culprits that cause data loss.

PSD file is unable to open 

The psd file might be corrupted if you are not able to open it. You can try to open the file in the older version of the file to see if the file is corrupted in reality. Or, you can also try to open the corrupted PSD file from the temporary files saved by windows.

Missing PSD file

Another problem with the lost PSD file is that your psd file is missing. If you are not able to find any PSD file in your computer system
Try these two options:

a. Missing file is on you worked on recently

  • Open photoshop
  • Go to file tab
  • Go to option open recent
  • This might open your recently created psd file and save it as a new file.

b. Check temp files

The second way you can find your missing files is to check on the temporary files. There could be a chance that there could be temporary copies on your computer. 


Adobe Photoshop PSD files can be prone to sudden data loss scenarios due to power surge, disk failure and more but these two common problems can corrupt your PSD files on the computer. The best way to recover your precious PSD Files is to connect with a data recovery specialist to give you accurate solutions with maximum data recovery rates to get back your PSD files effectively.

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