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How to Prevent Data Loss in Physical Hard Drive Failure

Many causes can contribute to hard drive failure, but data recovery seems challenging when it comes to physical hard drive failures. 
Mechanical damages cause physical hard drive failure due to which laptop hard drive remains unbootable. If you backup your data regularly, you are fortunate enough, but if you lack any data backup, you might suffer permanent data loss. 
Though, a hard drive data recovery specialist can provide you suitable solutions that reverse the data inaccessibility. 
At first, it's important to know what caused physical failure in your hard drive and understand possible symptoms so that you can save your valuable data from permanent data loss.

Why Physical Failure Occurs on a Hard drive?

Hard drives consist of sensitive components inside that could be damaged by traumatic incidents.
  • Accidental drop 
  • Overheating of hard drive 
  • Water damage or beverage spilled 
  • Jerk or shock 
These traumatic incidents can lose the valuable data that you would have been saving in your hard drive and might need special skills and tools to recover all the data. 

What are the symptoms of physical hard drive failure?

Typical hard drives are manufactured to last for about three to five years, but if you notice these symptoms that indicate any physical damage or failure in your hard drive, you must stop using your device immediately. 
  • Strange noises- clicking, grinding, whirring, rattling
  • System not booting 
  • Failure to mount or recognize by system
  • Missing files 
  • Bad sectors errors messages 


How to Prevent Data Loss due to a Physically Damaged Hard Drive?

You can effectively prevent any permanent data loss and save your valuable files from any inaccessibility in the following ways. Fixing a physically damaged hard drive might be out of your hands, but these tips can save you from inhabitable data loss.
  • Stop using the hard drive any further
  • Backup your data to another device 
  • Shut down the system properly 
  • Do not use any DIY data recovery software on your system 
  • Connect to a data recovery specialist immediately 


Recovering a physically damaged hard drive is much more challenging than recovering a logically damaged Hard drive as there is no hardware damage. If you try to recover your damaged hardware with data recovery software, this might ruin the case by overwriting new data that may lose your present data permanently. Be cautious when your hard drive shows any physical failure symptoms, and be ready to call a data recovery specialist to recover your hard drive files with the most feasible solutions.

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