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Here are the six most common causes that corrupt SD cards

Have you gone through a situation when you lose your data due to SD card corruption or malfunctioning? It often happens when many human, physical, natural, or logical errors occur in your computer that corrupt the SD card. Such errors can damage SD cards that lead to sudden data loss and SD card failure. Here are the six most common causes that corrupt SD cards, which can make sense out of “how do SD cards fail”? 

1. Physical damage 

SD cards can be vulnerable to physical damages because of their small size. Any electrostatic discharge, water damage, or fire damage can damage the SD card. 

2. Bad sectors 

Bad sectors are accumulated as time passes by on SD cards. Bad sectors or bad storage space accumulates on the card and makes the sector unable to store data. This way, the sd card wears out due to numerous bad sectors. And this way, flash memory cards wear out completely.

3. File system corruption

Whether it’s your smartphone or a digital camera, devices have operating systems. Once the operating system malfunction, it corrupted the files system and eventually made SD card data inaccessible by making it corrupted. 

4. Improper removal or insertion of the card 

The tiny flash memory card are sensitive to handle, which needs a lot of care. If you carelessly or improperly plug in and plug out your sd card in the device, it could get corrupted soon. Also, your data will be at stake. 

5. Malware or virus attack 

There’s no such way you can protect your SD card from a virus or malware when it’s inserted into the device. Once the malware infects your phone, it will also attack the SD card data making it unreadable. 

6. Interruption in the formatting process 

Sometimes SD cards need to be formatted, and during the formatting process, if it gets interrupted, data loss can occur inevitably. 


Being cautious about these six causes of corruption in SD cards can prevent any data loss catastrophes by handling your SD card with care. Ensure you create a backup in an external hard disk drive to ensure your data is accessible to you in difficult times. 

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