Lost Data Recovery from Server

Recover Lost, Deleted, Erased & Corrupted Data from Failed Server

What should be done when you lose your data from the Server?

Want to Recover Data from Server Hard Disk? Don’t worry Techchef is there to help you. The experts of our technical team are proficient in the recovery of data from all types of server, be it a simple server or a complex RAID, NAS or SAN server. The team has a record of achieving fast, best and accurate result with 100% success rate.

Techchef has a dedicated team that has proficiency in RAID Data Recovery as well. The team is highly experienced with all the operating systems and all types of physical and virtual servers.

The X-Factor of our team is their advanced knowledge and experience from their past cases. It's because of the dedication in their work and knowledge gained from the work done so far; they are eligible enough to give fast and smooth service.

From our past experiences, we have noted a few most common reasons of data loss from the server:

  • Mistake in configuration
  • Failure in data migration
  • Fault while updating or installing the software
  • Physical damage in the server
  • Virus or malware attack
  • Raid Controller failure
  • Accidental sometimes intentional deletion of the file

Few tips by our tech team, which should be kept in mind by the owners

  • The first thing one should do is turn off the power or unmount the server when you are unable to access the data on your server.
  • Never try to recover the data of your own, nor try to rebuild the RAID.
  • If by any chance you fail to rebuild the RAID system, you increase the tendency of losing your data, because in such cases the data gets overwritten resulting in a permanent loss of data
  • Keep the power of the server turned off and connect with your Data Recovery Service provider.

In such a case you can always rely on Techchef because they are the best in Server Data Recovery & NAS Data Recovery and give the best solution to your problem. Feel free to reach us at any hour.

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