Techchef ensures safe and secure Drobo RAID data recovery services.

Our engineers are experts in Drobo RAID data recovery and can help you to get back your lost data.

Advanced Drobo RAID Data Recovery Services

Drobo RAID systems were built as the stronger alternative to traditional RAIDs for providing effective data backup. But still, these systems are vulnerable to data loss. Techchef experts have years of experience treating Drobo RAID systems.

We can handle data recovery for all kinds of Drobo models including:

  • Drobo Mini and Drobo S
  • Drobo Pro, ProFS
  • Drobo B810n, B810i
  • Drobo 5C, 5D, 5N
  • Drobo B1200i
  • Drobo Elite and many more

Why Choose Professional Drobo Recovery Services?

Drobo systems offer a number of benefits over traditional storage systems. They allow you to expand your storage by adding hard drives of varying capacities in a random fashion within the configuration. The Drobo systems can easily adapt and copy data to new drives. These storage devices are immune to single drive failure, but anything bigger than that can lead to serious data loss.

Therefore, to handle the complexities involved in Drobo storages you need to consult a professional data recovery service provider like Techchef. We are a trusted and secure data recovery company in India. Our technicians conduct the recovery process in an ISO certified Class 100 cleanroom facilities. This ensures safe recovery will 100 percent assured success. Additionally, to provide you full recovery we use advanced technology and proprietary tools and equipment.

Common Data Loss Scenarios for Drobo RAID

  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Failed Configuration Resetting
  • Failed Rebuild Attempt
  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures
  • Controller Failure
  • Re-initialization With a Stale Drive

Techchef Drobo Data Recovery Process

At Techchef we start our recovery process with device evaluation. We conduct a diagnosis for your Drobo configuration and assess the affected drives. After analyzing the complete system, we provide our customers with the diagnostic report which includes an estimated price and turnaround time for the project.
Our engineers begin the recovery process with drive imaging. All the damaged drives in the configuration are reassembled and produced for imaging. This process enables us to create a copy of data to work from while keeping the device intact.

Reasons to choose Techchef Data Recovery for Drobo RAID Systems

  • Experienced Drobo Data Recovery Professionals
  • Free Media Evaluation
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015 certified services
  • No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee Policy
  • 100 percent Success Rate 
  • Flexible Service Options with 24*7 Emergency Services
  • Expert Customer Support 
  • Onsite Server Repair Services

What to Do During Drobo RAID Failure? 

During your Drobon Raid failure make sure you do not attempt to rebuild it yourself. These systems require extra care and safety for a successful recovery. Watch your device for signs of failure. If your system’s slot turns red that it is the indication of a drive failure. In such situations, remember to turn off your system immediately and send it to a professional for diagnosis. 

We at Techchef use a cleanroom environment for your device assessment and information recovery. With this, we ensure optimum recovery success. For the most reliable Drobo RAID data recovery, you can always trust our expertise. 
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