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With years of experience in the same field, our experts can assure 100% recovery of data from any types of Hard drive.

Professional Data Recovery for Dead Hard Drive

A dead hard drive simply means thousands of lost hours. Lost files can be completely irreplaceable and lead you in a serious mishap. Every year there is thousand of data loss due to crash, broken or dead hard drive problems. Leading individuals and business to lose their data permanently. With the complicated hard drives comes various mechanisms in it that might get damaged or broken. This can be due to electrical issues, technical or improper handling whatsoever. Dead data can cause you a big-time problem and also be troublesome to you if you don’t take immediate action against it. 

Don’t try to fix the hard drive issue all by yourself, as you will end up messing it even more. At Techchef, we have professional tech engineers who are aware of the handling of such a complex task. Hard drives are very delicate and require smooth handling otherwise it might vanish away all your data. With years of experience in this field, we are aware of the retrieving process & follow the same for quick results. 

Problems when your Hard Drive Is Dead

  1. Noises and other clicking sounds
  2. Computer fails every time to recognize the HDD
  3. Computer error messages
  4. The very weird Burning smell of electronics
  5. Completely dead and inactive
  6. HDD does not show the system its presence 

Why Trust Techchef for Data Retrieval Solutions? 

Techchef has raised a benchmark towards helping clients since the past 15+ year with data recovery solution. We first consider the complication and then provide a clear vision to the client regarding the recovery. Our efforts are to maximize the success rate and thus assure a 100% data recovery policy with no money charged if no recovery. Our services are exceptional because of the dedicated and certified tech engineers who are our strength. Every single failure of the hard drive could lead to a big loss of data, especially for businesses where data is the king. We know how important data is for you and thus we strongly emphasize providing high tech services with advanced technology.

Techchef provides Quality Services 

You can expect complete quality service from us, we have a separate room to handle data loss recovery process. Thus, the security and safety of your data is the top concern we emphasize on.

  • 24*7 customer support throughout the year
  • Up to date data recovery
  • 100% data recovery policy or no money charged
  • In-lab data recovery for safe handling
  • Free media pick up and drop at your doorstep
  • 12 thousand customers with satisfying outcomes

Our Data Recovery Process

Our professional data recovery process holds efforts from your side to the minimum. We handle the media pick up at your doorstep so your hard drive is handled with care. We then analyze the situation through the latest in-house technology and recover your data in Lab. After the data is retrieved, we ask you to verify if we have recovered it 100%. After your approval, the payment process begins and then your hard drive is returned to you safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can possible to recover data from a dead hard drive. The key factor is to get your computer to recognize the broken device so you can use recovery software to recover files from the dead hard drive.

You have to spend XYZ with the cost of time. If you want to perform data recovery yourself then it includes the price of software and possible additional hard drives, but you should also consider the value of the time it will take you to do research and perform the work yourself.

The early common signs of the dead hard drive are like strange noises like clicking, by overheating, excessively slow file access times, disk error or data loss, the computer stops recognizing the drive and computer crashes or blue screen errors.

The dead hard drive usually affects almost all computer users. There is no need to worry, unless or until corruption has occurred within the files, files can be saved. It is good if you have a backup of your important data. Or if you do not have a backup in advance and find the components in your drive are still functioning, you can recover data from the dead hard drive with bootable CD/DVD of data recovery software.

Yes, it is Techchefs policy to return a customers property, even if non-functional. Even if not readable, there will still be data on the drive, and it is our responsibility not to hold your data for any longer than necessary under data protection legislation.

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Techchef data recovery company solved the complicated case of dead drive data recovery. They did a commendable job. Would recommend everyone. Thank you Techchef for the good service.

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Completely satisfied with Techchef for their Dead Hard Drive Data Recovery. I had no hopes to recover it but Techchef recovered all my data. They respond very quickly, the professional IT team is also good, very happy with the overall service.

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I had no idea where to reach for dead hard drive data recovery then my friend recommended Techchef data recovery solutions for dead drive data recovery service. I am very glad that I recovered my dead hard drive. Thank you so much Techchef for such a commendable service.

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