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Tape Data Recovery Service

There are very few data recovery service providers in India who have remarkable expertise in Tape Data Recovery. Techchef Data Recovery is one of those that takes pride in its state-of-the-art lab and experienced Tape Data Recovery engineers with rare skill and talent. They are capable of retrieving data from almost all available tape formats that include:-

  • AIT and AIST
  • Digital Data Storage (DDS)
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
  • Quarter Inch Cartridge (QIC)
  • Ultrium Digital Linear Tape (DLT and SDLT)

Logical tape problems cover all read failures cause by accidental deletion or formatting, re-initialization, software hitches, or media errors. On the other hand, physical tape problems pertain to issues caused by wear and tear, tape drive failures, or damage by other external factors like fire or exposure to chemicals. Note that the functionality of tapes involve a complex mechanical process that could extend the damage on a unit if it is inserted in a drive. Regardless of whether you are experiencing a logical or a physical problem, we will help you troubleshoot it in the least amount of time possible.

Additional services from our Tape Data Recovery team

If you suspect that your tapes are damaged after staying for too long without accessing them, consult us instead of attempting to recover the data by yourself. Unlike you, we have the necessary tools and software that are needed for a successful repair. We guess that you would like to save the data you salvage from old tapes on upgraded storage media for reliability and ease of access. Apart from recovery, Techchef also offer data migration and conversion services that will help you extract data saved on obsolete media and transfer it to new storage devices. As stated earlier our team works at the convenience of a large catalog of drives implying that it can read and write data from any of the tape formats listed above.

Tape Data Recovery Services:

  • Linear Tape Open (LTO)
  • Ultrium Digital Linear Tape (DLT and SDLT)
  • IBM Cartridges and Reels (3590 etc.)
  • Quarter-Inch Cartridge (QIC)
  • AIT and S-AIT
  • Data8
  • Digital Data Storage (DDS)
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT)

Companies that have been in business for more than four decades have large volumes of data that is stored in tapes. However, due to the limitations of their technology and incompatibility issues, it might not be possible to access that data in times when it is crucially needed. Contact us and we will offer a quick solution without disappointing you. We support other cartridge and cassettes too, to know more on Tape Data Recovery Services, contact our team of experts.

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Priyanka Mittal
  • 5/5

Thank you for all the efforts you guys have put in recovering my data 100%. you are one of the best option for data recovery in Delhi.

Rajat Thakur
  • 5/5

Hello! I am an app developer by profession. A few days before, my tape drives got damaged which kept me in both troubles and dilemmas at the same time but I feel lucky because I found Techchef. They committed me to provide all of my data from tape drives within two days at an affordable price. After two days, they handed me all of my data which made me happy and satisfied simultaneously.

Shankar Chaudhary
  • 5/5

In my opinion, Techchef is the best data recovery center because of their professional engineers and friendly staff members. I want to thank the Techchef team for recovering my complete tape data.

Manoj Singhaniya
  • 5/5

Techchef is the data recovery center with highly professional engineers and trained staff members. The one thing that makes Techchef best company is their policy of no data no charge.,..