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Government institutions and large companies that handle sensitive data will need to erase data securely and thoroughly. However, their requirements of data erasure may not be regular enough to warrant a purchase of the appropriate Blancco Data Eraser Software. In this case, Techchef offers Hard Disk Data Erasing Services.

Blancco - No #1 Disk Data Eraser Software

Blancco is the world leader in data erasure solutions and offers a host of software tools that have 22 global certifications and approvals from top agencies. There are six specific tools to handle data erasure according to media and environment in addition to mobile diagnostics and management console that are part of the data erasure solutions suite. Anyone or combination can be employed in our data erasure as a service offering.

Techchef - Best Data Recovery Company

Techchef is Blancco’s Asia authorized channel partner to offer products and services using Blancco tools. We have manpower trained in Blancco products and assure faultless erasure as a service backed by tamper-proof reports that match audit trails and meet regulatory compliances for data safety and security. Our trained personnel carry out erasure as a service using Blancco tools, chosen to suit specific goals of clients. Techchef offers data erasure as a service using Blancco tools. Our services are available for public sector undertaking, municipal corporations, government bodies and also companies in the private sector. There are occasions when IT systems are upgraded or hard drives crash and must be disposed of but need to have data erased before disposal of storage media or their reuse. In all such cases, it is of paramount importance to erase data thoroughly not only for peace of mind but to also preserve the interests of people whose data is in question and to meet regulatory compliances.

Disk Data Erasing Tool is available in several ways:

  • Call us on a one-off basis as and when the need arises
  • Call us on an annual basis or period basis when you archive data and streamline your storage
Techchef Data Recovery can be applied to storage media at end of life or for existing media that needs to be reused. Data Wiping Service is non-destructive and completely and irrevocably erases data without affecting storage media. If, however, storage media is damaged or has reached the end of life then our data erasure will extend to Disk Destruction and disposal of storage media in an environmentally safe and secure way. Call us to know how you can ensure peace of mind and comply with laws in erasing data from media in a fast, effective and guaranteed way.

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