Data Sanitization

Sep - 07

Data Sanitization

Remove all traces of information stored on media through product or service

When sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to loss of business, property or reputation, and even lead to civil and criminal liability. Removing all traces of information stored on targeted media can be critical for data security.

Why is permanent data disposal necessary?

  • Electronically stored data is likely to include many files that should not be accessed or viewed by people outside of an organization or household.
  • Sensitive information that falls into the wrong hands can lead to loss of business, property, or reputation, potentially leading to civil and criminal liability.
  • Simply deleting data from a hard drive does not mean that the data is permanently deleted and inaccessible. Much, if not all, can be recovered, potentially generating a security risk.
  • Regulatory requirements for data protection and customer privacy demand complete, well documented data disposal.

Techchef provides secure data erasure thorough software, hardware and verification services to ensure that your end-of-life data is erased securely and cost-effectively. Our offer is the most complete end to end solution for erasing all of your organisation’s IT assets, including PCs and laptops, servers and storage environments, LUNs, Virtual Drives, Virtual Machines, smart phones and tablets, flash media devices and even individual files and folder.

As part of a complete solution for end-of-life data disposal, Techchef offers data erasure services allowing you to benefit from secure and compliant data destruction without adding any strains to your internal IT resources or your IT recycling company’s service delivery. With either the software-based services or hardware based services through Degausser, we can provide you with right solution for your data management and security requirements.

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