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Lost Your Precious Data!!

PLEASE STOP WHERE YOU ARE AT and take just one minute to read this. We can help you recover your lost data on many different platforms. Here’s a few tips and information on what to do, and not to do, in regards to data recovery.

  • Do relax. Most of the crashed drives can be recovered if the right steps are taken at initial stage.
  • Do try to seek professional’s help to get best results and to save your valuable data.
  • Do pack your drive safely before shipping to us.
  • Do try to make a backup copy of your data if the computer acts unusual for any reason.
  • Do check the hardware cable, network cable and power connectivity if you feel some unusual symptoms.
  • Don’t get panic and frustrated. If you observe any unusual symptoms with your hard disk, immediately save your data and turn off your system and contact data recovery expert.
  • Don’t perform recovery software installation by your own on the same drive partition, this may lead to overwrite them with the installation.
  • Don’t open your hard drive and not to guess what is wrong based on issues. Different problems have similar sign and symptoms.
  • Don’t listen to your friends for continue search for home based remedies from internet. Contact expert team for best help.
  • Don’t try to swap circuit boards on modern drives and don’t make any further attempts to get data if the drive fails.
  • Don’t put your drive into freezer or contact any local IT shop to get data recovery unless you are willing to lose the data.