Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix 'External Hard Drive not recognized' Error ?

You can try the following steps:

  • Shut down your system before restarting
  • Reconnect your device after uninstalling it
  • Go to Start-Device Manager
  • Check the USB drive on the hardware list given
  • Uninstall the external hard disk device
  • Reconnect post this, loading will happen automatically
  • Change the letter name of the drive from the disk management option, i.e. Drive C, D, E, etc.
  • Boot your system via safe mode and see whether the drive is accessible. If this happens, then there are malicious files/programs on the external HDD which is hampering its accessibility.
  • Get the USB controllers reinstalled
  • Go to Start-Device Manager
  • Choose Universal Serial bus controllers and get the device uninstalled
  • Restart your system and these controllers will be installed again automatically

In case these steps do not work and you cannot access the hard drive, you should consult Techchef professionals for the next course of action.