Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if my hard drive crashed or failed?

It is not that difficult to work out if the hard drive has failed or crashed. Here are some of the symptoms of hard disk failures:

  • Hard disk cannot be recognized or detected by your system
  • System boot failure or the system hangs in the midst of booting
  • The hard drive does not spin
  • The hard drive cannot be detected by System BIOS
  • Noise/clicking sounds from the system
  • Frequent locking up while booting
  • Files vanishing suddenly and multiple times at that
  • Freezing of the computer and no keyboard/mouse inputs in such situations
  • Opening or saving files becomes a slow and tedious affair
  • Higher number of bad sectors while the chkdsk command is run
  • Computer performance cannot be improved even after optimization
  • Jostled/bumped computer while it is running
  • Unusual heating up of the computer
  • Failure of electric motor which enables the platter to spin on account of poor components or bearings
  • Air intake filter becomes clogged up or dysfunctional
  • Sudden power failures while disk is writing
  • Considerable heat which leads to failure of the electronic circuit board