Frequently Asked Questions

How to verify the type of hard drive failure?

Physical failures - This is due to any physical damage such as burning/dropping of the hard drive. Some symptoms include:

  • No detection of the hard drive by the system
  • Drive does not spin
  • Drive heats up excessively
  • Unusual ticking sounds while data is being read by the hard drive
  • Grinding/clicking noise

Physical damage can be ascertained quite easily. You should refrain from attempting to open the HDD all by yourself since this increases the chances of damage. Get the situation rectified by experts.

Logical Failures - This occurs in case of human errors, malware/software infections, corrupted failures and also in case the hard disk does not boot properly. Some symptoms include:

  • Bad platter/media
  • Hard disk recognized by BIOS but data cannot be accessed
  • Corruption of data from other file sources
  • Human errors such as changing of file attributes or registry file modifications

Fixing these failures does not require opening up the HDD and recovery software and tools can be used by Techchef for getting back your inaccessible data. We can help you fix this problem with ease.

Mechanical/Electric Failures - These failures are usually linked to HDD components. Some symptoms include the following:
  • Crash of hard disk head/heads
  • Magnetic platter damages
  • Failure of hard drive motor
  • Damages to PCB
These failures usually mean that higher time and effort is required to recover data and you should immediately contact Techchef experts for the best solution.