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Techchef, India’s leading data recovery and data erasure service provider, offers destruction services for destruction of data storage media of all kinds. We are authorized Asia partner of Blancco for their range of data erasure software. We are authorised Indian partner of Garner Products for their range of data media degaussing equipments and destruction devices.

Where security of data is of paramount importance and you need to be absolutely sure that data cannot be recovered from disposed off media, destruction is the only way to guarantee it. It is not just physical damage to storage media but a sophisticated and thorough process of destruction that can guarantee permanent safety.

Government organizations, public service departments, insurance companies, banks and also corporate entities have large amounts of sensitive data stored in magnetic media, optical media and solid state storage devices. Devices may reach end of life or develop faults or just become unusable. In all such cases it is important that data be thoroughly purged from the media and media destroyed in a manner to make it impossible for anyone to recover any part of the data. Techchef offers data destruction as a service using Garner destruction devices.

Our hard disk destruction and also solid state device destruction and removable media destruction service is thorough and competent, backed by a tamper proof report that meets rogorous requirements of audit trails. Available as a service on demand, data device destruction service covers

following actions:
  • Our technician visits your premises with Garner data device destruction equipment.
  • We make a record of all such data devices to be destroyed.
  • Each device is put into the machine individually and the machine bends, breaks, mangles and damages all parts of the hard disk including platters, casing and circuit boards.
  • Non-magnetic media i.e. solid state storage media undergo similar process, with memory chips and Ics on the boards each destructed individually to make it impossible for anyone to recover data using any technique.
  • Up to six laptop drives or two standard size hard disks can be destroyed in one cycle. This is an automatic operation backed by our report that meets audit requirements for full compliance.
  • All such destroyed data devices are handed over to clients for further disposal along with the report. If desired we can handle the process of disposal in an environment-friendly way.
  • If and when needed we can provide alternate methods of data device destruction services that make use of other techniques such as incineration, pulverizing, melting or disintegration of storage media for absolute peace of mind.

In any case, once we are done with destruction of data devices, there is no way on earth anyone using even the most sophisticated techniques, can recover even a byte of usable data.

Call us for destruction services for old, unserviceable or end of service life data storage media. We guarantee thorough and competent services at affordable prices.