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Our CCTV/DVR Data Recovery Service will help you retrieve lost footages that you would like to review in case they are lost as a result of a damaged storage device, accidental formatting, or corruption by a virus. Many companies that incorporate the CCTV technology in their premises as a security measure against burglary, shop lifting, and similar vices store the recorded footages in NAS, SAN, and RAID Storage Devices. NAS, SAN, and RAID are array configurations that allow several hard drives to be combined in what becomes a single virtual drive that combines the capabilities and storage capacities of single units.
Note that storing CCTV Video or Footage on a remote server requires an Internet connection, which is uneconomical because it incurs extra costs on a company. Other storage options apart from the ones described above include SD cards, Flash Media, and Digital Versatile Disks (DVD) although they are discouraged because they easily get lost or damaged beyond repair.

Why Techchef for CCTV/DVR Data Recovery?

Techchef's CCTV Video Recovery experts have the necessary resources and skillset that is required for CCTV Footage Recovery Irrespective of the storage media on which the lost files were stored. Our team of engineers has been in the business for the last 15 years in which it has managed to record a 95% success rate in all its data recovery attempts. This has earned us a good reputation in India – our clients are mostly business enterprises and large corporations although we cater to individuals as well. It implies that an ordinary homeowner’s DVR Data Recovery needs will be treated with similar urgency as those of a large corporation that stores its data on a NAS device.

How to Reach Best CCTV/DVR Data Recovery?

Do not try to recover data from inaccessible storage devices by yourself unless you have the necessary expertise. Instead call our customer care service and have arrangements made on how your hard drives or other mediums will reach us. We have stations located in the country’s major cities and if necessary, we can even dispatch a team of engineers to your premises for onsite repairs. In most occasions, it takes us a day or two to complete DVR Data Recovery tasks.
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