Data Erasure as a Service (EaaS)

    We provide professional certified data erasure services – the global leader in data erasure solutions- to provide our clients with the best data erasure services.

    • 100% Certified Data Eraser Services for HDD, SSD, RAID Server
    • Wiping of Data from Both Physical and Virtual Devices
    • 100% Secure Diagnostics & Testing
    • 100% Verifiable Audit Trail
    • Achieve Error-Free and Certified Sanitisation Reporting
    • Onsite and Offsite Data Erasure Services
    • Certified and Advance Data Erasure Lab
    • Quick, easy, and 100% guaranteed data privacy
    • Data Erasure Software as per International Standards Compliance
    • Tamper-proof Certificates for their Assets
    • IT Assets can be used, resold or donated


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    Data EaaS Methods

    Erasure as a Service with Blanco focus on erasing and reusing the assets instead destroying them physically as per the global data privacy requirements.

    • Multiple servers can be erased and monitored at the same time
    • Overwriting of data with 0’s and 1’s using data erasure software
    • Block erase for SSDs and ATA SSDs
    • Cryptographic erase for built-in data encryption devices- SEDs
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    4-Step Data EaaS Process

    The data erasure process is a sensitive one. Our data erasure experts fully erase your confidential and sensitive information while leaving the storage drive operable.

    • Free Phone Consultation
    • Free Media pick up at your doorsteps/On-site data erasure
    • Erasing sensitive or restricted data Off-site/On-site (CCTV accountability)
    • Reassures data erasure through detailed final reports and certification
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    Request a data EaaS quote

    For a data EaaS quote, please do not hesitate to reach out to Techchef. We would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate for our services.

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    Asked Questions

    Data erasure service involves the removal of data from a storage device or media to render it unrecoverable. This is done to protect sensitive or confidential data from being accessed or misused by unauthorized person.

    Businesses or individuals looking to erase data must first consider the necessary documentation to fulfil compliance requirements. This includes understanding the rules and taking the time to correctly document each erasure. Although it may appear to “save money”, attempting to do it yourself also raises the risk of increased expense. Our customer service team can provide more information.

    To ensure data is adequately erased, a comprehensive erasure tool should overwrite devices at 30-40 GB per minute. However, with new flash media and encryption removal technology, this process can be even faster. Keep in mind that low-cost tools may not have the appropriate drivers and ATA commands to efficiently erase your device.

    It is important to confirm that the solution proposed by the vendor satisfies your organization’s particular compliance needs (for example, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, HIPAA, HiTECH, or NIST standards) and provides the related audit trails and reports required for compliance reporting.

    Affordable solutions may not always offer certifications that adhere to the most prestigious standards. Consequently, they frequently have a greater likelihood of failure when processing systems. The ideal erasure process should offer the opportunity to select a specified and recognized standard, based on individual needs, support the erasure of the type and number of devices being erased, and provide verification that the overwriting method was successful and removed data across the entirety of the device.

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    Manvi Sethi

    “Very impressed. You guys recovered all data from my Daughter Laptop drive, and it was not anywhere near what I thought it would be. I will be sure to recommend you if I am asked by anyone.”

    Ruchika Sethi

    “I have visited Nehru place office for data recovery because I have very crucial data in my system so I do not want to give my drive any one where my data compromise. I have trust with this company Thanks .”

    Manoj Negi

    “I would like to thank Techchef Data Recovery for their excellent support and services. Data recovery is a critical requirement for our organization in which we have been received the outstanding support throughout for all the incidences. I am very thankful to Techchef Team for his efficient and quick on-time delivery”

    Jegatheeswaran Palsamy

    “Techchef recovered our data from the three crashed drives, which had RAID configuration. The biggest challenge in our case was that RAID configuration was not clear to us. they revered my data within 10 days. First time when I met Mr Rakesh, all their positive approach made me to go with them. Thank you from bottom of my heart”

    Dinesh kumar

    “It was my first interaction with TECHCHEF DATA RECOVERY, This was in regard with the data recovery work of an associate company of mine in Delhi and i must admit that this experience was really amazing,”

    Kush Kumar

    “I'm Inspector Kush Kumar very happy to write a review to Techchef team. Google suggested more name of data recovery organisation but I'm very happy received a call from Techchef team & hall recovery process. After discussion Techchef person collected my mobile from Police station & after recovery share data with damaged mobile at police station.Thanks Techchef team for your support and recover my all my mobile data.”

    Hannaan Khan

    “We are a very reputed IT organization & our important project got stuck due to server crash. Techchef was my first choice & I went to Techchef With hope. They thoroughly did the media analysis and came up with good news that data can be recovered. After a couple of days, I got call from techchef to come & verify the data & they were able to recover 100% data. I would surely recommend techchef for any type of data recovery”


    “It was a good experience with your team, thank you for your expertise & support in recovering our server data. Your quick turnaround time is much appreciated. Keep going the good work!”

    Hemant Negi

    “We experinced good services from Techchef data recovery, the quality of work and delivery was on time. Data recovery charges are also very competitive. We wish the techchef team will maintain their quality standards and customer satisfaction at its best. Best recovery place in delhi.. Cooperative team.. Very much satisfied with their services.. Thank you very much..”

    Rohit Makin

    “I had experienced an Data Loss from my system and sought out the help of Techchef. I was able to retrieve all my data and I would recommend their services to anyone else who may be in a similar situation, you should definitely go for it.”

    Divya Jain

    “It was a good experience with your team, thank you for your expertise & support in recovering our server data. Your quick turnaround time is much appreciated. Keep going the good work!”

    Uday Singhal

    “In the past 9 months, we have had the very good relation with Techchef for their Data Recovery service with Bangalore team for my office system. I appreciate their data privacy policy which maintain our data confidentiality. ”


    “Good service and fast response from the engineers. They have recovered 100% data from my damaged SD card. It is quite expensive but if the data really matters, you should go for Techchef.”

    Data Recovery Process

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    Media Pickup

    We would pick up the storage device at your convenient time and place

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    Media Analysis

    Our in-house experts would assess the extent of damage on the storage device

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    Data Verification

    After retrieving data, we ask you to verify it Online or Offline

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    Data Recovery

    We have Clean Room environment to successfully retrieve data

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    No Data No Charge, pay only if your are satisfied with recovery result

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    Data Delivery

    Data shall be delivered in another media at your doorstep

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    Mansi Chaudhary
    Rated 5 out of 5

    I am glad I found Techchef data sanitization services that helped me when I was searching the best data erasure solutions in my town.

    Abha Dayal
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Many thanks to Techchef data recovery that helped me with their wonderful data wiping services.

    Abhay Kapoor
    Rated 5 out of 5

    100% Recommended Data Wiping Services. Best Data Wiping Company in India

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