Formatted Desktop Data Recovery Services

Deleted Data Recovery * Corrupted Data Recovery * Damaged Data Recovery

Techchef offers best desktop data recovery services in India. Never think that your data is permanently lost. Our data recovery experts can help you recover data from any desktop hard drive. Techchef is trusted by many IT professionals and Users for desktop data recovery services. We use the world’s best tools & technologies and state of art infrastructure to bring back your lost data from most challenging desktop data loss situations. 
At Techchef, we ensure transparency in recovery processes and we strictly adhere to the INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM guidelines. Throughout recovery, we preserve the integrity of your information and prevents more damage to the device.
Computer Data Recovery Services is available for:
  • Any operating system
  • Any make, model or brand
  • Any hard drive from oldest to newest
  • Any data loss scenario-from simple to complex


Symptoms that indicate that a desktop is likely to experience data loss

  • Unresponsiveness
  • Drive or partition is inaccessible
  • Unusual noise
  • Blue Screen error or any other error message
All common failure types
  • Read / Write Head Crash
  • Controller Chip Failure
  • Ceased Motor Assembly
  • Power surge damages
  • Damaged Circuit Boards
  • Broken Connectors
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Professional Data Recovery Services from any make or model
  • Experienced Engineering Teams
  • Risk-Free Analysis with Fixed Price Quotes
  • Advanced Technology and a Certified Cleanroom
  • Affordable Pricing and Flexible Service Options

Data Recovery Services