100% Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Drive

Techchef assures you 100% recovery of data from all types of hard drive models, irrespective of data loss situation.

Hard drive failures can occur under numerous conditions. Most of the newer hard drives boast stringent measures against data loss. To ensure the longest possible operation these devices embed advanced components but still, they are susceptive to data loss. Several mechanical wears or electronic damages such as formatting, virus attack, or drive can result in loss of your critical data. 

In such situations, Techchef’s professional Data Recovery Service is there to help you retrieve your critical information. We assure you 100% recovery of data from all types of hard drive models, irrespective of data loss situation. 
The most common damage scenarios for modern hard drives

1. Read/Write Head Failures

Signs of read/write head failures include:
  • Clicking and Whirring Sounds
  • Slow Operation
  • File Corruption

2. Hard Drive Spindle Failures

Signs of damage due to hard drive spindle failures can include:
  •  Grinding Sounds and Other Noises 
  •  Hard Drive Does Not Power On
  •  Hard Drive Will Not Spin

3. Electronic Failures and Firmware Issues

Signs of damage due to electronic failures and firmware issues include:
  •   Drive Does Not Power On
  •   Drive Information is Incorrect
  •   File Corruption

4. Logical Data Loss Issues

Types of logical hard drive damage:
  •  File Deletion and Overwrites 
  •  User Errors
  •  Data Corruption and Missing Files
  •  viruses and other malicious programs

5. Environmental Damage 

Types of hard drives environmental damage scenarios:
  •  Fire Damage
  •  Smoke Damage
  •  Water and Liquid Damage

Advanced Data Recovery for Damaged Hard Drives

Data recovery from damaged hard drive involves a complex process. It consumes time and requires advanced tools and equipment to ensure a successful recovery. We at Techchef have partnered with HDD manufacturers to enhance our data recovery capabilities. We use certified cleanroom environment for media diagnostic and recovery process.
To efficiently recover complete data from a drive, our professionals first conduct a comprehensive media evaluation and make it stable to carry out further processes. We test failed components such as logic control components, read/write head assemblies, or drive motors in a safe and well-equipped laboratory environment. 
Techchef team can perform data recovery for all damaged operating systems including:
  •  Windows 
  •  Apple MAC OS
  •  Linux
  •  DOS
  •  UNIX 
  •  VMware
  •  Novell and many more. 

What to do During Hard Drive Damage? 

  • Stop Using the HDD. 
  • Do not attempt to repair physically crashed internal or external HDD on your own.
  • Handle drive carefully to prevent further damages. 
  • Consult Techchef Data Recovery team immediately to prevent permanent data loss.

Secure Data Retrieval from Damaged Hard Disk Drives

We at Techchef offer free media evaluation and ensure recovery using safe procedures. By consistently investing in technology and tools, we guarantee to safeguard your sensitive components of hard drives. We follow a non-destructive procedure for data recovery which includes cloning drive sector by sector. This procedure protects your drive against further damage while keeping the original structure of your device intact. 

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