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We Recover Deleted/Erased Data from Damaged, Corrupted and Crashed External Hard Drive

External Hard Disk Data Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery Services is one of the highly demanded services among user as most of the laptop and desktop owners have used external Hard Drive as a fast secondary sort of storage and as a reliable technique of information backup. External Hard Drive generally includes a customary 2.5″ or 3.5″ disc drive associate exceedingly in a very straightforward enclosure with an external port that connects to a desktop or laptop usually via USB.

Techchef has the necessary resources and skilled manpower that is required to recover Data from External Hard Drive. External hard disk drives are a better alternative to USB thumb drives because they are durable and often feature a larger storage capacity than their counterparts. In most applications, external drives are used to save backup copies of mission critical data or an entire operating system just in case the volume on which your computer’s system files are stored fails. Usually, it is easy to delete data or accidentally format an external drive and especially, if it is shared among many users.

Hire For Successful External Hard Drive Recovery

There are several software packages for sale online that are marketed as foolproof solutions to data recovery problems. While some work, others will display screens with progress bars that show a recovery is in progress, but you will never get to see the files. Instead of taking all the trouble to buy a software package that does not guarantee success, why don’t you just entrust us with your External Hard Drive Data Recovery task. We have had a 95% success rate in all our attempts, which gives us the confidence to reassure you that you will never be disappointed if you choose our service.

Other Services in Techchef Data Recovery Catalogue

Apart from recoveries involving external drives, Techchef also retrieves lost data from a wide array of storage devices that include

Techchef has been offering Data Recovery Services to Indians for the last fifteen years. Our engineers are therefore conversant with the architecture and designs that are implemented by various hard disk manufacturers. In short, we know what you need before you even ask for it.

How to Reach us For External Hard Drive Recovery Tasks

Contact one of our customer care representatives for instructions on how to ship your External Drive to us. Alternatively, pay us a visit in person at any of our braches in major Indian cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some physical factors which can lead to External hard drive fail, such as dust, fire, power fluctuation etc. in fact, it is difficult to take care of these things but you must be careful and take proper care of your drive to save it from failure.

Within an hour of receiving your media, our technicians will begin diagnosing your storage device to determine why your data cant be accessed. This evaluation can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 days depending on the type of problem with your external hard drive.

If your External Hard drive does not show in windows at all after you check the connection and update the device driver, there may be any mechanical or electrical corruption on your device. The possibility to recover data from a failed external hard drive varies based on the specific situation of your storage device. You can try to fix your external hard drive and then try to retrieve your data.

By doing this, you can save a small amount of electricity, but may result in more wear and tear on the drive as it heats up and cools down repeatedly. Leaving it connected and always turn on means it is always ready for use. If you continue to turn it off or on, that can interfere with your backup strategy in any way. So, leave it on.

We keep your data with us for 7 days after it is delivered to you. In case, anything goes wrong with your recovered data post-delivery, you dont have to go through the whole process again. After 7 days from delivery, we erase your data completely from our server.

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  • 5/5

Hi All, had wonderful experience with techchef. My client\'s hdd was stopped detecting and i choose to go with techchef after searching on google. And me and my client both are really happy with the outcome of this case. Highly recommended !

  • 5/5

I have contacted techchef\'s office at Delhi and get my deleted data recovered from my sandisk pen drive. They have done their job within 2-3 days and in a reasonable price. I really appreciate their team.

  • 5/5

Last month, I was struck when my HDD was not getting detected and i was having some very important legal data on that drive. So I discussed about this with Tech Chef guy and they assured me "they will try there level best" and they really worked very hard for couple of days on my drive and successfully they retrieved my extremely important data. I am very happy with there work and professional approach toward finding solution.

Dinesh Mehra
  • 5/5

Hi all, I am Dinesh Mehra director of a college. Last week, my external hard drive got encrypted which was huge trouble for me. After long research, I came to know about Techchef and contacted the Techchef team. They assured me to recover my all erased data from the external hard drive. After two days, believe me, they handed me all of my data. I am fully satisfied with Techchef and I recommend all of you guys.

Madan Kumar
  • 5/5

Thank you so much Techchef Team for recovering all of my deleted data from my external hard drive. You guys saved me from huge trouble. Wholeheartedly, thank you again!