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Techchef offers MacBook Data Recovery Services to clients from India. The MacBook by Apple is a popular laptop brand for its sleek design, great performance, and a user friendly interface. Many professionals in today’s business environment prefer Macbooks to Windows desktop and laptop personal computers. It is difficult to retrieve data from damaged macbook and PC hard disks although the integrated design of the Macbook presents a bigger challenge because it is not easy to take it apart.

As a note, Apple’s products are designed in such a way that they do not have visible screws. Steve Jobs, the company’s founder, made sure of it because of his philosophies that made him insistent on seamless and clean product designs.

Macbook Data Recovery Services

At Techchef data recovery, we have a team of experts that has the necessary tools and expertise to take a MacBook apart, retrieve its damaged storage device and put it back together in one piece so that it looks exactly as it did before. Many MacBooks have Solid State Drives (SSD) that are integrated on their motherboards. Data can be lost from a MacBook due to physical damage on the storage media or corruption of data by a ransomware or virus attack. Liquid spills, accidental drops, and exposure to fire are some causes of physical damage that can cause mechanical failure in a macbook’s storage device.

Why Techchef for MacBook Data Recovery?

Apart from guaranteeing that you will get your data back if you bring your inaccessible MacBook to us, we also pay attention to your urgency needs and strive to ensure that macbook data recovery tasks are completed soon after you deliver your laptop to us. Typically, we take one to two days to complete a data recovery task involving a macbook.

How to Reach Techchef?

If you have important bits of data that you would like to salvage from your MacBook, Contact our customer care department for instructions on how to ship it to us. Alternatively, you can drop it at one of our branches in major Indian cities that include Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you accidentally deleted important files on Mac, you can easily restore them by the “undo” option. But, it is invalid after you emptying the trash or permanently deleting files.

Insert the bootable disk to your dead Mac book. Start the Mac book and change boot settings to make it boot from this bootable USB/CD. Boot into the hard drive on dead Mac book under the guidance and enter the main interface of Mac data recovery. Connect the external disk that will be used to store the recovered data.

The software is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

It depends on recovery mode you are using and the capacity of your Mac hard disk. In fact, all Mac data recovery apps provide quick scan mode and deep scan mode. A quick scan will retrieve all deleted data in a few minutes, while a deep scan will take hours or more. In addition, the larger the hard disk capacity, the longer the scanning time. Please be patient that the scanning process is too slow. After the scan is over, all your data will be retrieved.

Apart from guaranteeing that you will get your data back if you bring your inaccessible Macbook to us, we also pay attention to your urgent needs and strive to ensure that Macbook data recovery tasks will be complete as soon as possible after you deliver your laptop to us. Generally, we use to take one to two days to complete a Macbook data recovery task.

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Dinesh Sangwan
  • 5/5

While updating my MacOS my laptop crashed. Did everything but could not turn it back on. Took it to Techchef and they did an amazing job and recovered my data.

Vikrant Singh
  • 5/5

Great service Techchef team! Unfortunately, my MacOS got corrupted due to some unknown reasons. But Techchef recovered my Macbook in the shortest time possible.

Rahul Gupta
  • 5/5

I use Macbook extensively for official use and one day unfortunately it got corrupted due to some failure. But thanks to Techchef's highly skilled team, they recovered my important data from it in such a short span of time.

Vivek Chaudhary
  • 5/5

I am so happy to get my Macbook data recovered by Techchef. The team got all my files recovered that were important to me and got accidentally deleted. So thankful to them.

Sanshay Rathi
  • 5/5

Since my Mac OS got corrupted, I was unable to open my video files. Thanks to Techchef for such quality service. The team successfully recovered my corrupted Macbook. Thanks a ton.