Recover deleted photos, pictures and videos

Deleted Photo Recovery Service From Digital Camera, DSLR, SD Card, Memory Card, Pen Drive, Hard Drive, Drone, USB Drive, External Hard Drive, NAS Storage or any other storage device.

Photo Recovery Service

Photo recovery service is a major highlight in our catalog of Data Recovery Services. We understand the value people have for cherished memories and especially, those they choose to reserve on photographs. In the current age, people prefer digital cameras that store individual photo shoots on an SD card and Flash media. New storage technologies offer better convenience than conventional films. However, because cameras are mostly used outdoors and high traffic environments, their storage devices are susceptible to physical damage as well as accidental formatting or deletion.

How to recover deleted Photos ?

We will help you recover deleted photos, engagement photots, wedding photos, family photos or wildlife photoshoots from SD card, Memory Card or from your camera. It is recommendable for professional photographers as well as hobbyists to save backup copies of their galleries on separate storage media often. Whether you want to salvage photographs from a damaged back up device like an External HDD, Flash media storages or your smartphones internal memory, contact us and we won’t fail you.

Photo Recovery Service

Imagine how frustrated you would be if you shot a video for commercial purposes and then made a mistake due to accidental deletion or formatting . You would obviously wish it was possible to go back to the moment before the error was made. At Techchef Data Recovery, we grant your wishes and keep you safe from the wrath of disappointed customers by reassuring you that it is possible to recover deleted and formatted footages in just a short period of time.

Our team has experience in recovering digital photos from all types of data loss scenarios:
  • Accidentally deleted photos
  • Error while moving photos
  • Partially overwritten photos
  • SD Card/Memory Card not detecting
  • Formatting of camera storage
  • Damaged digital camera, computer or hard drive
Our services are designed to suit professional photography firms as well as small-time hobbyists who can not affort to loose their masterpieces. Note that Techchef is a fully-fledged data recovery service provider that has the resources to retrieve information from a wide array of storage devices that includes hard drives, SAN and NAS Storage Devices, RAID Configured Arrays, tapes, and servers.

Photo Recovery Service Charges

Photo recovery service charges can be determined after analysis of storage device on which data was stored. Usually it takes 4 hours to 24 hours for complete evaluation to know the condition of the device and recovery possibilities after which we can confirm recovery possibilities, time required and exact recovery charges. Data recovery charges depends on various factors like issue with the storage device and capacity of the drive. You need to submit your storage to our lab to avail 'Free Analysis' of your Memory Card, SD Card or Hard Drive. You can either ship a damaged devices or SD card to us or request our team for pick & drop. There is no hidden charges and no commitment unless you agree to the quote and choose to move forward. Contact our customer care desk for an evaluation of your problem and suggestions for the best course of action.


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Pranjal Saxena
  • 5/5

Recovered complete data from my mobile which was fully dead in condition. The data are so so special and important to me, I was having nearly 5000 photos and 100\'s of videos.. But special thanks to Techchef team for their efforts and they really done a tremendous job.. \r\nAbsolutely impressed by this company.. Best recovery company i have ever seen in delhi.. Best prices..

Kunal Studio
  • 5/5

We are professional photographer and videographer from Agra. We lost data from 4 TB Seagate External Hard Drive while moving data from this hard drive to other hard drive due to power failure. Our clients were chasing us badly for delivery of photos album and videos. Techchef team saved us by restoring all data. It saved us from loss of reputation and financial loss.

Milan Photographers
  • 5/5

we availed photo recover service from techchef to recover deleted photos, pictures and videos from our SD Card and found thier service to be excellent!!!!

Mahesh Photo studio
  • 5/5

Hi! It's Mahesh, a professional photographer. Last month, I accidentally lost all the photographs of my clients which was a very much difficult situation for me. And then I asked one of a friend who was gone through the same situation. He suggested me Techchef. Finally, they solved my issue easily which made me feel happy and satisfied. Thanks, Techchef and their team for recovering all of my photographs.

Chetan Singh
  • 5/5

In my personal experience, I had tried many data recovery centres as I am a photographer by profession. But if you will ask me to choose a photo recovery company I will definitely select Techchef as they have recovered all of my client photographs. I am fully satisfied with their services and really appreciate their work.