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RAID Server Data Recovery

You need not worry if RAID failure is suspected, as Techchef specializes in RAID Data Recovery Services in India. We have more than a decade year of expertise behind us thus we provide skilled RAID Data Recovery Service with 100% chance of recovering Crashed & Failed RAID Server Data.

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) configurations combine the capabilities and storage capacities of several disks by putting them in a single array that has optimized performance and a larger storage capacity for preserving mission critical data. Some corporations, organizations, and small enterprises use RAID servers to host their websites and customer databases. IT technicians prefer them for their fast read and write speeds which determine how fast a website displays its content. Additionally, RAID array provides redundancy, which makes it possible to perform successful RAID recover information that is lost as a result of a crash that affects one or more disks.

RAID configurations offer the best assurance for data safety although it does not mean that they are damage-proof. Power surges, malfunctions in the RAID controller, and malicious software are some common causes of RAID server disk failures. At Techchef Data Recovery, we will help you with your RAID Server Data Recovery needs and empower you get back to normal business in just a short period of time.

We suggest that you differ from attempting to rebuild the data on your RAID servers by yourself because you could end up inflicting more damage on the hardware. If you detect a problem with the server, contact our customer care service and we will guide you on how to get your hard drives to us for diagnosis and recovery of your data. Note that we will only require you to ship the hard drives and omit other peripherals that are included with a RAID configuration like computer motherboards and controllers.

Our crew of engineers have more than fifteen years of experience in data recovery. Apart from scoring a 95% success rate in the attempts they have made at Data recovery from damaged RAID arrays, they are reputed for their ability of performing successful recoveries on a wide range of hardware from various manufacturers.

Enterprise Level RAID Arrays

RAID Server Data Recovery from File System Supported

Windows: FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS

Linux: EXT2/3/4, XFS, ReiserFS, BTRFS


VMware: VMFS

Best Server Data Recovery Expert in India

Our engineers at Techchef, backed by 15 years of data recovery research, experience, and development, have the knowledge and tools to get your data back. We perform RAID data recoveries on:

  • Any RAID level
  • Any RAID controller, RAID architecture including software-defined storage(SDS)
  • Any hard drive type, make or model

Find out more about RAID recovery or call us for a free consultation with our Technicians about your specific setup.

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  • Read Guide on Raid Failure - Dos and Don'ts 

Frequently Asked Questions

RAID data recovery is the process of recovering as well as restoring data from a RAID storage infrastructure. It generally uses a combo of automated and manual data recovery processes to extract and restore data from one or more RAID drives and storage components.

As RAID 0 arrays are necessary, if one of the member disks fails, your data that was on the failed disk is lost forever. Therefore, if one of the member disks fails beyond repair then it is not possible to recover data from RAID 0.

The safest way to data recovery with a RAID volume is to capture every storage block on each device individually. The result of drive images is then used to remake the original array structure and recover the important files and folders. One of the dangers in using data recovery software is that it forces the read and write heads to travel repeatedly over areas of the original media which, if physically damaged, could become further damaged and possibly unrecoverable.

RAID data may be failed when one of the member disks failed or failure of more than one of the members disk has been done or when RAID error control, operator control error or any other may fail RAID factors outside of the member disks.

No, we ensure that every client is important and every clients data recovery project, instead of quantity, is a priority. We value your business and your trust, and we will do everything we can to return your data as quickly as possible.

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Ishan Thakur
  • 5/5

It wouldn\'t have been possible without Techchef data recovery if they wouldn\'t have recovered my files from my RAID 5 system. It got corrupted and I eventually lost all my files. The files had some confidential customer information that was at stake but because of techchef team\'s efforts, I got it all back. Thanks a lot Techchef.

Saurabh Kar
  • 5/5

Thanks Techchef for recovering my Dell PowerEdge R520 and putting your efforts in retrieving important information that I was afraid to lose. It was really valuable for me and I needed the recovery ASAP. With Techchef RAID data recovery helped me to get back my data with their Fast turnaround time service. Really appreciate their efforts.

kanishk Shrivastav
  • 5/5

Techchef have the best RAID labs in their infra. They amazed me by restoring all my missing files from the failed RAID server. It was a great experience with Techchef. 😄

Anand Dahiya
  • 5/5

I really liked the quality of their services. They professionally recovered all the data of my failed RAID 5 within few months. Thanks a lot.

Aman Bishnoi
  • 5/5

Techchef is the best RAID data recovery service in India. They are the only company i found that stick to their commitments. They successfully recovered my company\'s RAID 5 array system. Thanks a lot Techchef team