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RAID Server Data Recovery

You need not worry if RAID failure is suspected, as Techchef specializes in RAID Data Recovery Services in India. We have more than a decade year of expertise behind us thus we provide skilled RAID Data Recovery Service with 100% chance of recovering Crashed & Failed RAID Server Data.

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) configurations combine the capabilities and storage capacities of several disks by putting them in a single array that has optimized performance and a larger storage capacity for preserving mission critical data. Some corporations, organizations, and small enterprises use RAID servers to host their websites and customer databases. IT technicians prefer them for their fast read and write speeds which determine how fast a website displays its content. Additionally, RAID array provides redundancy, which makes it possible to perform successful RAID recover information that is lost as a result of a crash that affects one or more disks.

RAID configurations offer the best assurance for data safety although it does not mean that they are damage-proof. Power surges, malfunctions in the RAID controller, and malicious software are some common causes of RAID server disk failures. At Techchef Data Recovery, we will help you with your RAID Server Data Recovery needs and empower you get back to normal business in just a short period of time.

We suggest that you differ from attempting to rebuild the data on your RAID servers by yourself because you could end up inflicting more damage on the hardware. If you detect a problem with the server, call our customer care service and we will guide you on how to get your hard drives to us for diagnosis and recovery of your data. Note that we will only require you to ship the hard drives and omit other peripherals that are included with a RAID configuration like computer motherboards and controllers.

Our crew of engineers have more than fifteen years of experience in data recovery. Apart from scoring a 95% success rate in the attempts they have made at data recovery from damaged RAID arrays, they are reputed for their ability of performing successful recoveries on a wide range of hardware from various manufacturers.

RAID Server Recovery from All Server Manufacturers

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers & RAID Systems
  • HP/Compaq Proliant & RAID Servers
  • IBM/Lenovo X Series RAID Systems
  • Sun/Oracle Enterprise Data Systems

RAID Server Data Recovery from File System Supported

Windows: FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS

Linux: EXT2/3/4, XFS, ReiserFS, BTRFS


VMware: VMFS

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Rohtash Ranjan
  • 5/5

Best company who saved us from a disaster when our RAID 5 server failed. Fantastic service and super job done by their team. A big thanks from our management.

Shravan Kumar Tiwari
  • 5/5

very professional guys , when I reached at , I am not sure kind of resolutions provided by techChef but they did after understanding my backup data system finally i can get back all data .