Ransomware Virus Affected Encrypted Data Recovery

Recover Deleted Files After Ransomware Virus | Recovery Encrypted Files after Ransomware Virus Infection

Ransomware Encrypted File Recovery

Techchef Data Recovery is one of few companies in India that can help you Recover Data from a Ransomware Virus Attack. As you probably know, ransomware is a type of virus that denies access to computer system unless a ransom is paid to its designers. This type of malicious software can be spread through emails or visiting infected websites inadvertently. It can affect a broad range of storage devices that include laptop hard drives, company servers, and large data storage devices like NAS, SAN, Tape and RAID that are designed for specialized applications in busy computing environments.

Symptoms of Ransomware Virus Attack

A ransomware virus can take various forms and dimensions. Some of the signs that should make you begin suspecting that your network or storage device has been affected by ransomware include:

  • A pop-up notification that blocks access to files or an entire computer system and displays a message with instructions on how to pay a ransom so that you can restore access.
  • Files that do not open – sometimes the display message informs the user that the system is missing a valid application to open inaccessible files even though you have the right programs installed.

Why Techchef For Encrypted Data Recovery?

Techchef Data Recovery has more than fifteen years’ experience in the Data Recovery Services . Our technicians have the necessary skills and tools required to recover data after a ransomware virus attack and restore the health of an affected device. Note that Ransomware Virus mostly target large corporations that can operate without their proprietary software and mission critical data. The hackers who launch the attack will only withdraw their malicious software from your system if you pay the ransom – even then, it is not guaranteed that they will restore access to your data.

We are a legitimate business that charges a considerable fee, which is significantly lower than what the captors of your data could be asking for in ransom. Call our customer care service center for instructions on how to ship your device to us for diagnosis and repair. Our engineers will also recommend preventive measures that you should implement to safeguard it against future virus attacks.

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