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Techchef is one of the best NAS data recovery providers in India. Our NAS Recovery experts are available to help you and offer expedited emergency service 24/7. We have a vast knowledge in NAS server data recovery of all kind of storage and can successfully recover data from any model NAS/SAN storage.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are used by corporations as well as small businesses to provide a centralized storage location for data that be accessed on a network. Our range of services at Techchef Data Recovery includes NAS Data Recovery along with nas hard drive data recovery. This configuration and similar ones that include RAID AND SAN allow users to include several hard drives in a single array – a NAS storage device is therefore scalable in that users can use as much space as they need without compromising performance. In fact, IT Departments at large corporations with strict requirements for data security prefer NAS for its reliability and superior functionality that improve collaboration capabilities in business environments. It’s like having a physical data cloud in your premises to which you have full control.
Although NAS storage devices are built to be durable and reliable, they are prone to damage if users neglect them or expose them to destructive agents like fires and power surges. At Techchef Data Recovery, we have the necessary skill and expertise that’s required to recover lost data from damaged NAS servers in the event of a crash or damage caused by external factors.

NAS Data Recovery Services from these brands -

We are familiar with the architecture of several NAS/SAN storage device brands that include:-
  • Iomega
  • Buffalo Station
  • Western Digital
  • LaCie
  • Seagate
  • D-Link
  • Netgear

100% NAS Data Recovery Solution is Available for:

  • Any make, model or brand
  • Any storage box from oldest to newest
  • Any data loss scenario-from simple to complex

Some of the problems that our team of engineers has experience dealing with include damages caused by:-

  • Human error (i.e. physical drops or accidental formatting)
  • Power surges
  • Disk failure affecting one or more disks
  • Malfunctioning controllers
  • Mechanical problems

Quick NAS Recovery Our Expert Team - 

Connecting People with technology and proving them 100% data recovery solutions made Techchef the most trusted brand in India. We recover NAS along with RAID Server for various Clients which you may read in case studies from this link. We provide NAS Recovery Solution for the following query -  

  • NAS data recovery software
  • easeus data recovery nas
  • NAS hard drive data recovery
  • NAS drive data recovery software
  • iomega nas data recovery
  • NAS data recovery runtime
  • NAS raid data recovery
  • QNAP NAS data recovery
  • Netgear NAS data recovery

Cost and Time Duration for NAS Data Recovery - 

We have head office in Delhi and 5 other branches in India. You need to submit your NAS device in one of our nearest data recovery centres for analysis. After complete analysis we can confirm the following:
  • Data Recovery possibility from NAS
  • Time estimate to recover data from NAS
  • Exact Data Recovery cost from NAS
Contact our customer care desk for instructions on how your device will be shipped to us for diagnosis and repair. If you do not have an IT specialist who can carefully extract the disks from supporting peripherals like computer motherboards and controllers, Techchef Data Recovery has the resources to dispatch a team of engineers who will handle the problem at your premises.

Techchef NAS Data Recovery

Note that we have had a 95% success rate in our attempts at hard drive recoveries in a span of fifteen years. It is our specialty and we hope you will find your solution with us.

Get in touch with the data recovery experts

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  • 24x7 Server Support
  • Toll Free: 1800-313-1737
  • Delhi Branch Quick Contact - +91-9811852101  
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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the fault tolerance of the system. Many network-attached storage appliances use RAID, which provides redundancy. Mostly Drives fail during rebuild procedures or some major electrical events. A common source of logical damage includes file corruption, accidental deletion, virus attacks and accidental overwrites. Regardless of failure, the chances of a successful recovery are fairly high.

It is strongly recommended to take a conservative course of action following a NAS appliance failure. Data recovery software could contribute to media damage and file corruption and many appliances are designed for personal computer, not NAS system. To keep your appliance from sustaining permanent damage, turn it off as soon as you notice any signs of media failure.

In order to treat NAS appliances with damaged media, data recovery engineers need to work in an appropriately controlled environment. Engineers should have experience with file-level data storage devices and depend on your NAS configuration.

If you want to connect your NAS to your PC over USB, then you cannot do this. NAS stands for network-attached storage and uses to connect to a network. If once added as a network drive then the new drive will appear in your drive list on your PC or Mac.

Our data recovery service for Network Attached Storage & Storage Area Network is efficient, risk-free, safe & secure. Costs can vary greatly from case to case. We need to perform a media evaluation to provide an accurate price quote and turnaround estimate. We use to provide free diagnostics with our standard service option. Our engineers consider a number of factors when creating your price quote including the number of hard drives in your NAS, its file system and the presence of any mechanical media damage.

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Manvi Singh
  • 5/5

My company's NAS server got corrupted. All my work was getting hampered so much. Thankfully got in touch with professional data recovery experts of Techchef. They are really data recovery experts. I am really glad that I contacted them. Trust me they have best engineers and tools. They recovered all my data and that too with full privacy and data security. Thanks Techchef.

Vartika Singh
  • 5/5

Flawless job Techchef. My hotel's NAS box got corrupted due to a power failure. Due to that, all my important data was on the verge of losing. Thankfully got in touch with Techchef. Their highly skilled engineers did their best in recovering my lost data from Synology DS920+ NAS Server. They recovered 100% of my data. Totally satisfied with their amazing NAS data recovery service.

Yashi Goel
  • 5/5

Best company to get your lost data recovered. Running a startup and having a corrupted NAS server cant go hand in hand. So glad I found Techchef Data Recovery. They recovered 95% of my QNAP TS-253D NAS server. They have a highly skilled team of engineers and the best customer support executives as they keep me updated regarding every update of my NAS recovery. Thanks Techchef.

Vaibhav Khetri
  • 5/5

Couldn\'t have gone better than this place. The team, staff and everyone is amazing in Techchef. They helped me recover my damaged NAS box. I can\'t really thank them enough for getting back my files and all the lost data. The team is supportive and I really appreciate their work. Thanks a ton!

Ravi Shrivastava
  • 5/5

Techchef is the real professional, I am so Thankful to them for recovering my NAS server data. At first I got really scared about the system crash that lost all my customers details and related files in the NAS system. I was thinking to try data recovery on my own but since I am not a professional I didn\'t take the risk and called at techchef. The staff was really humble to talk ,and the professionals really have shown their efforts in recovering my NAS system. I am so happy with results and thankful to the whole team of techchef for getting back my precious files.