Server Data Recovery Service

Server Storage Data Recovery from Crashed, Corrupted and Failed Network Attached Server

Server Data Recovery Service

Our Server data recovery services are meant for corporations and mid-sized business that manage their computing infrastructure from a centralized server on a network. The reason why business enterprises and organizations that process sensitive data in large volumes opt for NAS, SAN, and RAID Servers is to optimize performance and to insure better security for their data. For instance, the Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) configuration that uses two or more independent hard drives ensures better security for sensitive information by making it possible to rebuild lost data from a damaged hard drive using the healthy ones on its array. However, server recovery is a complex task that often requires a professional’s eye despite the influx of recovery software packages that claim to offer quick solutions to crashes and accidental deletions.

Server Recovery - What we offer?

Our core business is data recovery from all types of hard drives or server infrastructure. Some of the systems we are conversant with include:-

  • Windows Server OS
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Cent OS
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Oracle Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Apple RAID family of servers

Server Storage Data Recovery Service

Contact our customer care number whenever you experience a crash that results in data loss. We have two avenues of addressing server data recovery problems for our clients. You can either ship your hard drives to us or request for a crew of two or three engineers to be dispatched to your premises.

Our engineers typically take 24 to 48 hours to troubleshoot Hard Drive Recovery and server crash problems. Remember that various applications that rely on your server will stop working if it crashes server – time lost in the process could result in significant losses to your business by slowing down operations. You therefore need a service provider like Techchef who can get you back up and running in a very short period of time.

Server Recovery Success Rate

Note that we have a 95% success rate in all our Server Data Recovery endeavors. The few servers that we were unable to recover information from for the last fifteen years had suffered extensive physical damage from fires and drops. Contact us today and you won’t be frustrated.

Get in touch with the data recovery experts

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  • Toll Free: 1800-313-1737
  • Delhi Branch Quick Contact - +91-9811852101  
  • Mumbai Branch Quick Contact - +91-8178022401
  • Chennai Branch Quick Contact -  +91-93549 37227
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Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround time varies from case to case. However, we can recover many servers in under a day under emergency option.

Shut down your Server right away. By operating your server in a failed state, you risk media damage, file corruption and unintentional overwrites. Shutting down your server will preserve your media in its original condition, greatly increasing your chances of a fast, full recovery. Do not attempt to rebuild, repair or reinitialize your server.

In order to treat damaged servers, data recovery companies need specialized tools and experienced engineering teams. You should always choose a recognized, certified provider in order to limit your chances of unnecessary downtime. Look for a provider with a certified clean room and adequate security credentials.

Yes, it is possible to recover the formatted SSD. Even damaged SSD data can be recovered.

Our engineers have experience with various SQL database management applications. We also specialize in exchange data recovery and our teams have dozens of proprietary tools designed to treat server data quickly and effectively. Thanks to our advanced technology, we offer an overall success rate of 95%.

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Rohan Khatri
  • 5/5

Appreciate worthy company. Techchef has one of the best server data recovery services. They had recovered a large amount of my data, which got crashed and it was difficult too. I came with hope and techchef successfully recovered it. I\'m so happy with the service.

  • 5/5

My office server became vulnerable and that led to my data corruption. My friend recommended Techchef for server data recovery and I got my data recovered within a short period of time. Very good service.

Rani kumari
  • 5/5

My business server was inaccessible and I was afraid of losing data. Then I contacted Techchef for server data recovery and they recovered all my data very professionally within a short span of time.

  • 5/5

My office server crashed suddenly and a lot of important data was inaccessible. Thankfully with the help of Techchef i got my data recovered. Thanks a lot for providing server data recovery service. Really very happy

  • 5/5

Very happy with Techchef for providing server data recovery service. Large amount of my data got crashed and it was difficult too. I came with hope and techchef delivered it. I'm so happy.