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Techchef's SQL Database Recovery experts will recover your information from any application, file or information loss state of affairs. Techchef Data Recovery is going to help you recover deleted SQL Database Files in personal computer hard drives as well as network storage devices that serve business enterprises and corporations. We have been at it for more than fifteen years, which boosts our confidence in retrieving lost data from a broad array of storage devices. These include:-

SQL (Structured Query Language) databases are essential for business environments that manage large inventory and customer data. It allows applications written in various programming languages to access and manipulate information that is stored in a compatible database. Apart from desktop applications, web developers also use it as a backend tool for website applications that are used by users to enter personal details while signing up, validate a financial transaction, and other common functions.
Accidental deletion, formatting, and physical or mechanical damage are some of the reasons why users lose SQL databases with mission critical data. Applications that use your company’s database will begin returning error messages when its files are either missing or corrupted. Do not try to recover the files by yourself because you could end up complicating the problem. For instance, an attempt to recover corrupted SQL Database Files could allow access for a malicious software to infect other applications and files on your system.

Why Techchef For SQL Database Recovery?

We never disappoint clients who approach us with Data Recovery problems regardless of their complexity. This claim is backed by the 95 % success rate our team of engineers have recorded in all the data recovery attempts they have maneuvered in fifteen years since we commenced. Our response time is short – we take a maximum of two days to recover data and will keep updating you on the progress of our efforts until we successfully restore your SQL database.

SQL Database Recovery Service

Place a contact to our customer service desk today and have a representative guide you through the shipping process. If you prefer, we can dispatch a team of two or three engineers to help you recover the files you need at your premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

SQL Server takes 30 minutes to recover this database. It can take more time depending on the work SQL server to bring the database in a consistent state after recovery.

SQL Server restore and recovery supports restoring data from a backup of a whole database, a data file or a data page as follows: the whole database is restored and recovered and the database is offline for the duration of restore and recovery operations.

There are three phases of SQL database recovery – the analysis phase, the redo phase and finally the undo phase.

Backing up your SQL Server databases, running test restores procedures on your backups and storing copies of backups in a safe, on-site, off-site and cloud location protects and safeguards the data from potentially catastrophic or various types of data loss.

Do not try to recover the files by yourself because you could end up complicating the problem. For instance, an attempt to recover corrupted SQL database files could allow access for malicious software to infect other applications and files on your system. Please contact a professional database recovery service provider like Techchef.

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Arnav kohli
  • 5/5

Techchef got a good quality service to recover Crashed SQL. They recovered my SQL database within few weeks. Impressive.

Himanshu Seth
  • 5/5

I had a good experience with Techchef. Their experts recovered my SQL database that I accidentally deleted. Al my data is back on my system now.

Vanita Sharma
  • 5/5

They are the best SQL data recovery service providers. Thanks to the team and their efforts. πŸ˜„

Supreet Kaur
  • 5/5

I appreciate Techchef team efforts and hard work. They retrieved all my formatted SQL databases at a reasonable price.

Dinesh Mehta
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Techchef SQL data recovery services is the best company I ever tried before. They recovered all my lost SQL data so fast and I am amazed by their affordable services. Really worth the charges.