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SSD Data Recovery Services

Our clients are extremely satisfied with our SSD Data Recovery because after losing their data they got it back with the help of our SSD Data Recovery Services. Many of these clients had their data in the laptop having SSD, and we successfully recovered the data for them as well. Data Recovery from SSD is quite difficult due to embedment of integrated circuits. But we recovered almost entire data for all of our clients regardless of the existing damage or complications.

At Techchef, we help you Recover Data from SSD disks that have been rendered inaccessible due to physical faults, data corruption by viruses, and crashes due to bad sectors. Solid State Drives (SSD) are gradually replacing Hard Disk Drives (HDD) as the preferred boot device in high-end ultraportable laptops and all-in-one desktop PCs. Some of their benefits over conventional hard drives include:-

  • The ability to perform read and write operations at a faster speed than their predecessors.
  • SSDs operate in silence because they do not have moving parts.
  • They are small in size, which is a benefit for manufacturers of ultraportable laptop computers that incorporate a lightweight design, but with a functional ability to run heavyweight applications.
  • Quick access to data makes them ideal for gaming computers.

Although SSD storage devices offer better convenience to their users than HDDs, they are more susceptible to damage than the later. They are built in a similar way to USB thumb drives, which exposes them to damage by fluids and fractures due to accidental drops. If you have a problem accessing data from your volume, consult us and we will quickly help you Recover Data from SSD disks of any type.

Why Techchef for SSD Data Recovery Services?

It is difficult to disassemble high-end ultraportable laptops without the right tools and expertise. If the cause of your SSDs crash or failure is a physical problem, our team of engineers will carefully retrieve the SSD and replace it after recovering data without destroying the aesthetic appeal of your laptop. We recommend clients who would prefer shipping to differ from trying to disassemble their laptops by themselves. Instead, they should send the entire package to us for safety precautions and to avoid damaging other components.

Contact us For SSD Data Recovery Problems

Techchef Data Recovery has a customer care service desk with representatives who are available on a 24/7 hour basis. Contact us for instructions on how to get your device to us or alternatively, you can visit any of our branch offices in major Indian cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is still possible to recover data from a broken SSD drive that has been damaged, shot at, run over, dog chewed, other animal chewed, formatted, SATA ports are broken, and other issues as long as the flash memory inside of the drive is not damaged, data recovery is possible.

Yes, data can recover even if devices have been damaged by saltwater for a long time. Almost any types of issues that you can imagine are recoverable. Our company CAN as well as WILL recover lost data from any severe damage SSD device.

Our current basic recovery rates are only Rs… for most SSD cases. But, recovery fees depend on how much damage is done.

A SSD could become unbootable for a no. of reasons like electronic issue and data corruption. In order to get the best result, you need to get help from a professional data recovery provider. The best course of action is to turn your drive off. Any attempt to repair an unbootable drive could result in additional media damage, which could limit your chances of successful data recovery.

Techchef has the ability to recover lost data on any SSD. If the cause of your SSDs crash or failure is a physical problem, our team of engineers will carefully retrieve the SSD and replace it after recovering data without destroying the aesthetic appeal of your laptop. Techchef being one of the Solid State Drive data recovery firms, we utilize the latest tools, software, clean labs and equipment to effectively recover lost data of any kind. This makes Techchef differ from other SSD data recovery company.

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  • 5/5

It was great experience with Techchef Data Recovery as I have lost my data from one of my desktop, they have recovered all the data from the hard drive and there is no hidden charge from there side. I Pay only for what I required.\r\nThank you techchef for such great service.

Rakesh Mehra
  • 5/5

Hello, I am Rakesh Mehra a government employee. A few days ago, I got my SSD corrupted which was huge trouble for me. I feel lucky because I found Techchef. It was a great experience with Techchef. I wholeheartedly, thank Techchef for recovering my SSD data.

Swati Chauhan
  • 5/5

I m very much satisfied with the services provided by Techchef team. The best part of Techchef is their policy i.e. No data No charge. They recovered all of my data which was accidentally deleted from SSD. Thank u Techchef and their team for recovering my full data.

lalita Kumari
  • 5/5

I am here to thank Techchef for providing me such a wonderful SSD Data Recovery Service. By recovering all of my data from SSD you guys really made me happy. Keep it up and thank u once again!

Pramod Arora
  • 5/5

When my SSD data got deleted accidentally I had contacted Techchef team. I was very much satisfied with their services and policies. This is the reason that I recommend Techchef for all of those who are in search of best data recovery center.