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IT and data go together. Data resides in hard disks. Despite the rise of solid state drives the magnetic hard disk media is still widely used due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which are cost and reliability. However, as with any other electro-mechanical things, anything can go wrong at any time
Hard disks may face issues like the head crash, control board failure, motor failure, broken connectors or something as simple as cross-linking and damage to FAT/NTFS file system. Hard disks used today range from the simple IDE/SATA found in desktops to other variants like SCSI, EDIE, ESATA and others. In such cases important data needs to be recovered but can one trust the corner computer repair shop to recover data from such damaged or inaccessible hard disks is the question. Most such service technicians use rudimentary tools and methods and if at all they attempt recovery, it may be partial or truncated files. One may end up paying a hefty charge without getting the data back. In such cases, it is wiser and more affordable to entrust the task to expert data recovery services in Bengaluru.
Experts in data recovery in Bangalore specialize in the recovery of data from any type of hard disk in any condition and of any brand. The media may be physically damaged or it may be a problem of the controller card or it may be a software problem. These specialists use high-end equipment and sophisticated methods to analyze the hard disk, give a true report on how much data is corrupt and how much can be recovered and use all possible techniques and systems to recover data. Look for data recovery experts who offer a free assessment and charge only when the process of recovery is successful.
Data recovery is a critical process and it should not be entrusted to any amateur or non-professional because they can make matters worse. If data is truly valuable then only professionals with a decade of experience and proven expertise in the recovery of data even in toughest circumstances should be given the task. Data is priceless and one must never compare costs of data recovery against quality. The process is simple: one call and the media is picked up, undergoes analysis and the client receives a quote as well as estimated chances of recovery. Given the go-ahead, the experts proceed with recovery and verification and then only ask for payment.

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