Solid State Drive Recovery

SSD Recovery

Today we live in the data-driven world where data is almost everything for businesses. In many cases losing data could relatively damage the growth of an individual or business in various manners.  To avoid such complications many times, individual or business owners upgrade their regular hard disks with SSD or solid state drive. Indeed, that is a great decision, and SSD can have fewer chances of damage because it does not contain any moving parts. But just like hard disk drives, you may lose data on SSD as well because of various reasons. If you just experienced this problem, our SSD recovery Services can help you retrieve your data easily.

You can undoubtedly consider us as one of the best solid-state drive recovery services in India, and following are few reasons, we suggest you trust us for your data recovery.

A Long Experience

We are working on the hard disk data recovery from a very long time. As far as data recovery from solid state drives are concerned, we are doing that as well from a long time. Many of our data recovery experts have a very long working experience. Our experienced technicians they have detailed knowledge about all available solid state hard disk and they know how to recover the data. On the basis of our experience, we can assure you for the recovery of data.

Advanced Tools & Techcnolgies

For data recovery from solid state drive, we need to follow specific steps and procedures. This work requires a lot of advanced tools and equipment for precise data recovery. We have all the tools, and if there is a superior version of tool or software is available in the market for data recovery, we always get that without any delay. In most of the cases these advanced tools also help us recover the data from a hard disk that is not in good shape anymore.

Many Satisfied Clients

Our clients are extremely satisfied with our services because after losing their data they got it back with the help of our SSD Recovery Services.  Many of these clients had their data in the laptop having SSD, and we successfully recovered the data for them as well.  Recovery of data from SSD is quite difficult due to embedment of integrated circuits. But we recovered almost entire data for all of our clients regardless of the existing damage or complications.

Data Recovery Process

Data Recovery process

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

There are many factors that determine the estimate for data recovery. Severity of damage, hard disk capacity & type, man-hours required or use of any specific spare are some of factors considered to share the estimate. Therefore costs vary from case to case. We will provide an accurate price quote after evaluating your media.

What is Cleanroom Environment?

A cleanroom environment is a controlled environment which is free from dust and any other contaminants. It is temperature, pressure and humidity controlled environment. Recovery cases which requires opening of damaged media must be treated in Cleanroom. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) filters are used in cleanroom to filter out the dust particles. Techchef is using high-quality cleanroom room environment which allows to treat the crash hard drives with maximum chance of recovery.

How can I be sure that my data will remain confidential?

We take your privacy seriously and security is our top priority. Techchef follows strict IT security protocols and is audited every year. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 

Do you sign NDA?

We encourage our customers to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. We’ll gladly sign it and e-mail back before getting to work. If you don’t have an NDA handy, you can use our NDA template.

Do you keep a copy of my data?

We keep a backup of your data for 7 days on protected servers to guard against shipping issues and other unexpected events. After 7 days, our engineers securely wipe this data beyond recovery.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, at Techchef Data Recovery we offer a no recovery, no fee policy. If we cannot recover your data, you will not pay. Before billing you, we will verify that your recovery by asking you to approve a detailed list of recovered files. You can also receive directory listing of recovered data or remotely view your files on request. We only charge after successfully retrieving our clients' data.

What is your typical turn around time?

Our average turn around time is 1-2 days for logical crashed media and 10-12 days for physically crashed media. TAT for RAID servers may vary depending upon its configuration.

Does data size determine the cost of recovering the data?

The cost of recovering data is not determined by the amount of data, but by what is involved in recovering the data.