2 Safe Ways to Erase Mac Hard Drive Data

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October 14, 2021


If you wish to resell or recycle your old Macbook or mac system, you will delete the entire data or format the hard drive. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The question here is whether these are the only safe methods to protect your files. No! Only deleting or formatting data would not permanently erase your hard drive data and can be recovered with specialized tools.

To erase data from your Mac hard drive, try these two methods and protect your personal or confidential data from security threats.

1. Disk utility: Disk Utility in Mac system is a versatile inbuilt tool for verifying, repairing, erasing and partitioning hard drive. Erasing a hard drive with disk utility is a free and safe method to try.
Follow these steps to complete the hard drive erasure process:

Open the “Applications” folder
Search and open the “utilities” folder. Launch the “disk utility” under it.
On the left slidebar, click and pitch on it.
Tap the “erase” button on the top menu bar
Hit: security options” button in the dialog box
A sliding bar showing four options from fastest to most secure will appear

Note: choosing the fastest option will fastly erase the hard drive, but it will be an insecure way

Better choose “most secure’ data erasure options to eliminate any hindrance.

After choosing the suitable scale, choose” OK.”
Click the “erase” button on the initial prompt

2. Erase hard drive with command line: Command-line can also perform the task of hard disk erasure other than a disk utility. Follow the instructions to erase hard drive data successfully

Launch terminal application
Input “diskutil secureErase HFS+ diskname diskidentifier” (change the details as your case)
Press “enter”
Note: type admin credentials to confirm the action and wait until the process completes

Final words

Indeed, hard drive erasure with disk utility and command line will erase the entire data and may not reverse the process. Hard drive erasure completely erases data as a whole, so ensure that you have updated backup data on iCloud, iTunes or another backup drive.
Hard drive erasure or data recovery, everything is possible

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