3 Myths about Data Recovery you must know

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July 14, 2021


Now and then, data has been one of the most important parts of our lives. From organizations to individuals at home, all have a hefty amount of data in today’s date that is more than just precious. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The sad part is, it could be lost anytime due to sudden failure or damage to the day storage devices. In this scenario, people in a panic try a quick fix that they might have seen or heard from somewhere, which in actuality, can lose your data permanently.

Here are the three myths of DIY data recovery that can harm more than just good.

Myth 1: our your dead hard drive in a freezer


People often do this trick to make their overheated hard drive cool and back to a normal state. This quick-fix can cause condensation in the disk of the hard drive that could cause severe damage.

 Myth 2: swap damaged circuit board with a new one

This task is not easy; it takes specialized tools and skills that you may find only with a data recovery specialist. If you perform this on your own, this may risk your stored data.

 Myth 3: the only way could be a data recovery software

It’s not a myth that data recovery software can do wonders; sometimes, it can worsen data loss in the physical failure of your hard drive or other devices. The software can not work as it only can be helpful in logical failure.


The quick fixes are not at all for you if you don’t have enough practical knowledge about technical hardware or software especially performing these quick fix data recovery tricks could do more than just harm. Don’t risk your valuable data and consider hiring a data recovery specialist for your data loss problems to get expert solutions and better results.

Techchef can be your Best Choice

Not only choosing Techchef will recover your data, but it will do immense work on delivering you the desired results. We have a team of experts with 15+ years of experience recovering data from complicated data loss scenarios with the world’s best class tools and technology to assure you up to 100% recovery results at all costs.

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