3 Reasons Why The Copy of The Recovery Partition is Essential

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November 1, 2021


Humans tend to fall under many circumstances when experiencing system crashes or hard drive corruption. Though it can be resolved by reinstalling the system, you won’t restore all the files. Author Divya Jain View all posts

But, the recovery partition works as an image partition for the entire system and can restore the computer to the factory settings without any modifications. Though, some people are still in the dilemma of whether having a copy of the recovery partition is necessary or not.

We present three important factors that tell you the importance of having a copy of the recovery partition.


Three reasons why recovery partition is important?

1. Works as a backup recovery partition

If you have a copy of the recovery partition, your data will be protected from data corruption and drive failure.

Especially when you have saved the copy of the recovery partition on another device, the data is more protected.

2. Free up internal drive space

Storing the image partition or the recovery partition in the same device would occupy more space than just having a copy of the recovery partition in another device. So if you have the copy in the external hard drive, you can free some space in an internal drive by removing the recovery partition drive.

3. Convenient to upgrade

When you finally upgrade your system to another new computer, moving all the data to another device is harder.

If you have the copy of the recovery partition in an external drive, it is way too convenient to move to the new system than restoring from the image drive of the old drive.

How to Copy The Recovery Partition?

There are generally two ways with which you can copy the hard drive recovery partition.

1. Manually create a copy of the recovery partition with the windows tool

  • Find the option “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive.”
  • check and click “next.”
  • Mount the external drive you want to copy the partition on a computer
  • Select the drive and press “next.”
  • At last, hit “create.”

2. External tool

There are plenty of utilities available in the market to restore or copy the recovery partition in another device. Following the instructions, you can successfully copy the windows recovery partition.


A computer can be immune to many problems that cause system crashes, which is why recovery partitions have a significant role. System file recovery can be achieved with a recovery partition, but creating a copy would be a wise option to protect the partition data.

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