3 Signs that tell your SSD is Failing and how to Prevent Data Loss

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July 28, 2021


With the advancement of technology, users have shifted their data storage experience from old hard drives to new Solid-state drives. Solid-state drives, for short SSD, are more advanced in data storage, data transfer, reliability, durability and longevity, but unfortunately, Author Divya Jain View all posts

they are prone to failure. This way, relying on an SSD, you can still experience data loss. Here are three failing signs of an SSD that you should focus on before losing all your data. 1. Bad blocks Your drive will start to develop bad blocks after completing an excessive read/write cycle and will slow down the system’s performance. You may also face issues while saving, reading or moving any file. Backup all your files before everything is gone while the SSD is failing. This is a hardware issue for which you must seek an SSD data recovery specialist. 2. Computer often crashes One of the mohair signs of SSD failure is frequent computer crashes. If your computer is booting, but the system often crashes, this is a great SSD failure sign risking your data stored. Try to reinstall your operating system when a system crash happens. Before formatting the system, create a safe data backup. 3. Functioning on read-only mode only When you try to reboot your computer, and you see it’s functioning only in read-only mode, then this is a sign your SSD is failing. Conclusion Any SSD failure is dangerous for your data stored in the drive. It’s always best to create a safe backup to prevent any abrupt data loss. Connect to a data recovery specialist for appropriate solutions for your data loss problem. Techchef is the Best Data Recovery Company Techchef is the leading data recovery company in India that provides the most effective solutions for failing, corrupted or crashed SSD data recovery. With experts having 15+ years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver the fastest and reliable data recovery. Visit us at to learn more about our expert SSD data recovery service and get the fastest and most reliable data recovery solutions.

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