3 Unbootable PC problems that can lead to Data loss

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August 17, 2021


Have you gone through the time when your files are inaccessible due to windows won’t boot up? This is one of the reasons that you can suffer from data loss unexpectedly. Losing files abruptly that you were working on is such bad luck. Certain problems cause the PC not to boot, and this can disturb […]

1. Incorrect boot order: An incorrect boot order can cause your PC to show the error “no bootable device.” In such a case, your computer may show a blank screen with the error “no bootable device”. To troubleshoot this, open the BIOS setup screen and find the boot order screen. This will show you the list of the boot devices. If the hard drive is missing, that means it has failed and is not booting. If it is present in the list and not booting, check boot option 1 and start run startup repair.

2. Hardware or software issue: The problem with hardware or malfunctioning software will boot your PC but will freeze while booting. Run startup repair to fix the software issue or else reinstall the windows. If both the solutions fail, it might be a sign that the hardware has failed.

Blue screen of death with the message “there was an error”

If you try to reboot your PC and see nothing but a blue screen with the error message “ there was an error,” then the problems occurred due to hardware or a software issue. Try to reboot your PC in a “safe mode”. Safe mode will prevent windows from loading hardware drivers or software to automatically start during PC restart. Now, uninstall recently installed hardware or scan for malware that may be causing the issue. Finally, reinstall the windows if the issue persists. Or else, contact a data recovery specialist that can recover your computer data and resolve this problem.

Sum up

You need to be very cautious when you download any program or change any setting or order in the BIOS. It can cause your PC not to boot and unexpectedly surprise you with data loss. Create a safe data backup to prevent data loss problems so that you can access your files in an unprecedented time.

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