4 Solutions to Fix RAW External Hard Drive

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August 13, 2021


It is likely to lose your data when your external hard drive or hard drive partition RAW. A raw external hard drive is the unformatted state of the hard drive that needs to be formatted before you store data in the external drive. This raw state of the hard drive can put the data at […]

1. Check connection

You can get the “raw” error when the cables are loosely connected to the computer. Make sure the device cable is properly connected to the computer to prevent this error.

2. Take good care of the drive

Whenever you use and disconnect the external hard drive, make sure you eject it in the “safely remove hard drive” mode. It ensures you eject the device safely. Immediately disconnecting the hard drive can bring complications later.

3. Install antivirus

Malware can adversely cause damage to the system and result in this error. Install an antivirus program that is reliable and scan devices to connect to the computer before accessing it.

4. Use UPS to prevent power failure

Power failures can also lead to raw error. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) can help you prevent unprecedented power failures and prevent this error from occurring.


Raw external hard drives can render your data inaccessible. Be very cautious when the “format external hard drive” option comes on your screen. Formatting data can wipe out your entire hard drive data. Utilize these effective tips to help you access your hard drive again without the “raw external hard drive” error. If all the options fail, visit a professional external hard drive data recovery service. They have sufficient tools and advanced technologies to get your external hard drive data recovered.

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