4 Solutions to Recover Lost Data during Windows Reinstallation

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October 8, 2021


Many of us intendedly or sometimes adequately reinstall windows on our computer. When the computer is running slow, applications are crashing, or you need to upgrade the windows, you will reinstall windows to resolve the issue. But in some cases, your data loss can occur after Windows reinstallation. Here are four ways that can prevent […]

1. Backup data

Of course, updated backup data can be preferred as the first solution to recover lost data after Windows reinstallation. So don’t wait for this problem to occur and start uploading files in your backup data storage or drive.

2. System restore point

System restore points can be a great way to get back your lost files. To use system restore point, go to the control panel> change view to icons>find and select recovery option> in the new screen, select “open system restore”> select a “restore point”> click “new”>” finish” button.

3. File history

In windows 1, Go to settings> select “Update & security” option> in new screen switch to “backup” tab> select one option from “backup from file history” & “ Looking for an older backup option.” Select from one option and follow the given instructions to continue recovering data.

4. Resort to a data recovery expert

If nothing happens after trying all the options, a specialist will help you to recover files after Windows reinstallation. The problem can persist because of a hardware issue, and they have specialized tools to provide solutions for such complicated data loss problems.

Final words

Any corruption or malfunction in the operating system after reinstallation of windows can bring you data loss problems. Try these solutions to retrieve your precious files. Though, backup data can help you recover the lost files easily, preventing data loss.

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