5 best use of NAS devices

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March 31, 2021


NAS or Network Attached Storage is an ideal deal mostly for small enterprises and startups for its remarkable features like file-level sharing, automatic data backup, and many more. Author Divya Jain View all posts

It’s a storage for accessing multiple hard disks for multiple devices at once through a single network( NAS).


Because of its convenient usage, better performance, and efficient storage capacity, small businesses and individuals prefer NAS for multiple network purposes. Still, there are more outstanding features that users can make the best use of NAS.

1.Configure RAID array

RAID is a technical way to combine multiple hard disks into a single logical unit for greater and efficient usage. NAS has the most appealing feature to configure RAID; once a hard disk fails, RAID allows fault tolerance in NAS to protect users from data loss.

2.Auto backup

The auto-backup feature in NAS storage is a cherry on top. Even if RAID offers data redundancy, multiple disks failure can occur anytime, and data backup can save you from disasters.

Manually backing up files is an exhausting job, NAS let the things buckle up for you by accessing auto backup. It mirrors data in other devices connected to its network.

3.UPS tie up

One of the worst data loss cause is due to a power outage or power surges that can format or delete your vital business data anytime.

NAS storage protects you from investing money in NAS data recovery service as you can tie up a UPS effortlessly that prevents power surges and spare a few time for you to shut down the system as usual.

4.Built-in remote access

You can access your essential files whenever you want through its remote access feature, such as creating an FTP server. You can sign in from a web browser or app from a phone to access your data stored in the NAS.

5.Data sharing

Data sharing is one of the most stunning features of a NAS device that supports file access to multiple devices at once. NO matter if it’s a computer, laptop, game console or TV, etc., it enables file sharing in every single device you connect the NAS network with. It ensures ease for data sharing.

Final words

NAS is mainly preferred by businesses and individuals for file-level storage and accessing files conveniently, allowing redundancy. With such remarkable features that NAS supports, it is sadly susceptible to numerous failures that render data stored inaccessible. Many NAS data recovery services can retrieve data with specialized tools and technologies that retrieve all your data potentially to get you out of the trouble.

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