5 Data Loss Risks Associated with Cloud Data

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August 2, 2021


Almost everyone relies on cloud services for data accessibility; with the remote access feature and reliable data security programs, users prefer the cloud as a safe backup option. Though, cloud services can also undergo many data security threats that can risk one’s business data. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Here are the five data loss risks associated with cloud service.

1. Public cloud

There are a variety of cloud services the cloud vendor can offer you. If you opt for a public cloud that can be accessed, created and supported by a cloud vendor, this can put your data at risk. You are not liable to control where your data is stored.

2. Access authorization

In the same case as mentioned in the first point, if the vendor controls the cloud service, you can not authorize access all over the cloud system. This opens risks of accessing data from unauthorized persons.

3. Data sharing

Data sharing is the most alluring feature yet highly sensitive risk in the cloud system. This feature may allow you to access data with others but open gates to data security as well.

4. Data availability

When vendors have access control over the cloud system, data availability could be at risk. Your data could be inaccessible due to any hardware or software cloud system failure.

5. Cyberattack

As an on-site data storage option, cloud service comes with many data security risks. Now with the advancement of technology, cybercriminals are also finding new ways to infiltrate users’ data.


Cloud systems are a great new way to create or store data backup for your sensitive business data but be cautious when choosing the right cloud option and features. Other than cloud storage, offsite backup options can make your data readily accessible anytime in data disaster situations.

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