5 Do’s and Don’ts of Data Loss

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December 28, 2020


You won’t ever think in your worst nightmares about losing your data when you have an important presentation the next day in your office. Not only professionals but personal lives get affected too due to accidental damages to mobiles and laptops that cause an unnecessary mess in life and need to be solved ASAP. Author […]

Follow the below-mentioned Dos and Don’ts to protect your device from further data loss:



1. Note down every moment

In case you find anything suspicious in the regular condition of your device, note down every minute moment for further reference of the recovery process by a professional service.

2. Stop using your device

Hands-up at the very moment you find your operating system is not working for protecting the drive from any more damage.

3. Connect external-drive to a new machine

In case of a failed external hard drive, connect it to a new system to check if the drive is still working.

4. Avoid using your “clicking-hard drive”

If your system’s drive is making any clicking or grinding noises that means you need a tech-doc immediately. Such noises are signs of mechanical failure of the drive, so consult a recovery professional.

5. Back-up your files

It’s the most crucial step you should immediately work on so that when an incident occurs in your system you can at least rely on the backup you took of all your files.


1. Avoid recovery disk/DVD

Don’t try to run any recovery disk/DVD on a failed hard drive that is definitely going to produce more bad sectors on the platter of drives, eventually risking losing your data permanently.

2. Do not forcibly play a hard drive

When you forcefully click the play button on your non-responsive drive, it leads to more damage.

3. Avoid installing any scan/recovery program

Installing a recovery program on your system causes overwriting on the read/write sector of the hard disk that leads to permanent data loss.

4. Do not open a physically damaged hard-drive

If you think of examining the damaged hard drive by opening it, you will lose the chance of recovering data from it as the hard drive will lose its potential to get treated with the correct approach.

5. Do not panic

At last, try to calm yourself and stop panicking in the heat of the moment. Losing your photos, videos, audio files, official documents, and other crucial important files could not be thought of as less than a nightmare. Professional data recovery services can rescue your worries and save you from any further data loss problems.

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