5 Hard Drive Problems caused by Firmware Corruption

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September 17, 2021


You must have heard of many hard drive failures causing data corruption or data loss in the drive. But what happens when a hard drive firmware fails? Author Divya Jain View all posts

Firmware as a hard drive software reads or writes data to the hard disk. Your data can be compromised when some internal component of the hard drive fails or gets corrupted, but how does it impact your device?

5 Hard Drive Problems caused by Firmware Corruption

Here we are talking about six problems caused by firmware corruption in the computer system.

Slow drive performance: Firmware corruption in the drive will affect improper functioning of the drive resulting in slow performance. Moreover, it can stop responding to the commands, failing to complete the actions.

Clicking noises by drive: It can be a sign of corrupted firmware when you hear clicking noises from the hard disk drive. Hard drive malfunctions due to failed firmware that make strange clicking or whirring noise. Because of this, your data can be at stake, which you need to protect with the help of a hard drive data recovery specialist.

Drive shows “not initialized” in the disk management: The disk management screen can be accessed on your Windows PC. When it shows the hard drive as “ not initialized”, it can be a sign that the drive is inaccessible and the culprit is firmware corruption.

The drive is not recognized: When firmware corruption occurs in the hard drive, the hard disk is not recognized by the computer. Whether it’s an internal drive or an external drive, you will not access the drive due to denied recognition by the computer.

Corrupted data: Provided that the firmware is liable for read and write of data to the disk if it is corrupted, there is no way you can access the data. In this case, the data also becomes corrupted, which can put your important files at risk.

Final words: Corrupted hard drive firmware can be a major cause leading to many problems that result in data loss or data corruption. A data backup should always be synchronized before any corruption or data loss occurs to prevent files from data loss. This way, at least your precious files will remain safe. Resorting to a professional to recover a hard drive with firmware corruption requires special tools and skills to repair physical hard drive problems.

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