5 Mistakes to Avoid in DIY Data Recovery that can Risk Data during Work From Home

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May 12, 2021


As the Pandemic begins again this year, offices have migrated to work from home and securing data is at peak. Author Divya Jain View all posts

People often tend to lose their office files at home for many reasons, be it mechanical or electrical and human error contributes to data loss. It could not only be challenging for you but also can hinder your workflow.

Due to this, people try DIY data recovery, which is cost-efficient and user friendly, but indeed many drawbacks could risk permanent data loss.

Before you refer to the DIY data recovery at home, it’s better to prefer these seven mistakes that could risk the data and your job as well.

Launch CHKDSK on a failed hard disk drive: People tend to run CHKDSK on the system when their hard disk fails. It is proven in many cases that not only CHKDSK will risk the data recovery; it will also overwrite data on the failed hard disk, which can risk permanent data loss.

Replace drive until multi-drives fail in RAID 5: As RAID 5 has a tolerance fault in one disk of the array, it will still function normally when one drive fails. Don’t wait until the second drive fails. Waiting for multiple drives to fail will make the array more vulnerable to data loss anytime. You should replace the failed disks as soon as they show an error.

Recover Damaged hard drive with software: Trying data recovery with thyroid–party tools may recover data when it is logically damaged. Unfortunately, it won’t work for hard drives that have hardware issues or mechanical damages. Also, running third party software on a physically damaged hard disk can suffer overwritten data.

Opening hard drive at home: You can potentially risk your data by opening a damaged hard disk in a normal room or a non-cleanroom. There are special cleanrooms built for opening a hard disk and repairing it in specific clean conditions. If you open a hard disk in your room, you may not recover it via a data recovery specialist.

Replacing platter of hard disk with another: First of all, the act of moving one platter hard drive from another can potentially damage the disk as you have opened it in a non-cleanroom. Secondly, tiny dust or smoke particles may damage the platter with scratches, due to which the data recovery process becomes irreversible, and data might get permanently lost.

Bottom line

DIY data recovery might be user -friendly and looks convenient while performing, but the results are dangerous. It can highly risk your office data or business credential to be lost forever due to such practices that you do at home. In such cases, I prefer avoiding these mistakes and shutting down the system immediately as soon as any hard disk failure is detected. Connect to a data recovery specialist who can access remote data recovery for you, safe and fast in the Pandemic.

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