5 Tips to Protect from Data Loss from NAS Failure

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March 15, 2021


NAS or Network-attached storage is mostly preferred by most small to medium scale businesses. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The additional storage space, cloud data storage, and efficient storage system of NAS make it the perfect centralized storage system to businesses and individuals, but perfect doesn’t make it flawless.


Many reasons contribute to the NAS storage failure as it is vulnerable to human, mechanical or logical errors that can render your essential business files inaccessible.

You might leave no stone unturned for your NAS data recovery, but it would be better to review tips to prevent data loss before this mishap occurs in your life and ruin your business workflow.

1.Authenticate data access

NAS is known for convenient data sharing and access, but it would be better if professionals or authorized people only access your business data. You should control access rights for different users. Limit permission to access critical data to reduce data loss related accidents.

2.Automatic data backup

New NAS technology allows automatic data backup or cloud storage that prevents data loss catastrophes. This automated data backup feature always helps you reduce the data loss chances, and you can access it anytime without any trouble.

3.Configure suitable NAS system

To keep your business assets away from data loss situations, configure a suitable RAID level to build your NAS system accordingly. Contact a NAS data recovery service provider to resolve the configuration more accurately for you, as it could be a challenging task.

4.Connect NAS to a stable power supply

NAS is also susceptible to electrical failures. Power surges or outages can interrupt the power supply of your NAS, which crashes the disks and risks your data to be lost. Connect your NAS to an uninterrupted power supply to ensure a stable electrical supply to the system.

5.Use reliable disks

Adding more disks can give the system an additional storage device; it is essential to install a standard hard disk drive suitable to the NAS build that can retain for longer.


Your business assets are important, the time and money you invest is necessary, and your business assets are the most crucial part of your business that gives you revenue. Losing business assets and data can not be less than pain. Thus it becomes vital to protect your NAS system from data loss. Keeping these five data loss prevention tips in mind can prepare a disaster plan before investing money in NAS data recovery services.

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