5 Utilities to Check the Health of your Hard

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September 20, 2021


The term “bad hard drive,” is coined for a failed or a damaged hard drive. A computer with a bad hard drive can experience multiple issues, including corrupted data, slow performance of PC, error while moving files, unbootable Windows PC and more. Author Divya Jain View all posts

5 Utilities to Check the Health of your Hard

With such downtime, your files can be lost, or data loss can take place. To prevent any data loss catastrophes in your computer due to a bad hard disk drive, we have brought six utilities to check your hard drive’s health before it suffers any wear or tear.

1. Disk management

Check your hard drive’s status with the disk management utility screen. It will show you if the hard drive status is “normal,” or it will show “ unallocated or unknown” when there is some hardware or software issue in the hard drive.

2. Check BIOS

BIOS is responsible for the booting of the system associated with the internal hard drive. When the hard drive is not showing in the BIOS, or there is a modification in the boot order, this indicates something is wrong with the computer hard disk drive.


Windows has its inbuilt disk scan and repair utility named CHKDSK, with which you can scan the internal hard disk to check its status. It will also tell you any issues in the hard disk when you access it through the command prompt.

4. Smart tool

As its name refers, a smart tool is smart enough to indicate the issues in a hard drive. In any failure or problem in the hard drive, the smart tool will tell you what issue the hard drive is suffering from.

Final words

As a sensitive storage device, hardware can suffer wear and tear anytime compromising your data. So it becomes necessary to check the status of the hard drive regularly. With these tools, checking hard drive status is more convenient, making restoring your hard drive data effective.

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