6 Essential Parts of Physically Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery

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September 22, 2021


When you tend to lose your crucial data from a hard drive, it is generally due to two types of failure, logical and physical failure. Numerous factors like system corruption, power failure, accidentally deleting data, missing partitions, human error and more cause hard disk drive failure or damage. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Although, the more the extent of damage, the more complex it is to recover a failed hard drive. When you are well-versed in recovering a hard drive with software, you can take a chance to repair it. But the results can be achieved only in logical hard drive failure.

On the contrary, physically damaged hard drives are more complex to recover and need specialized tools and skills for successful results. Only experts can achieve successful physical data recovery of hard drive damage that utilize special tools and technology.

Here we concluded six essential parts that are considered important in a physically damaged hard drive data recovery.


1. Imaging hard drive

Before performing physical data recovery of the damaged hard drive, the specialist always makes disk cloning a necessary step. Disk cloning is crucial to perform the successful recovery of a damaged hard disk drive.

2. Bit-level Raw Recovery

Like in logical data recovery, physical data recovery is preceded by bit-level Raw recovery. It ensures all logical issues are fixed after fixing physical damage in the hard drive.

3. Firmware testing tool

Firmware is one of the important parts of a hard drive that performs the reading and writing of the data to the drive. Specialists use firmware testing tools to examine the condition of the hard drive firmware, which is an essential step.

4. Reconfiguring firmware

Considering the firmware is damaged or failed, professionals reconfigure the firmware with a device that executes reading and writing to the firmware.

5. Cleanroom labs

Cleanroom labs are considered when one needs to open the hard drive to examine the extent of damage of components. These labs operate under specific conditions that can not be achieved in normal room conditions.

6. Years of experience

Professionals are not professionals without any experience. A physically damaged hard drive means more complexity to recover data from it, which cannot be achieved without practice and skills. This is why assistance from professionals is necessary when your hard drive is physically damaged.


If you have lost your hard disk data due to physical hard disk failure, you will definitely need professionals to recover the disk with tools and skills. Performing recovery in a physically damaged hard drive without their help can do more harm than good resulting in permanent data loss. So immediately contact a hard drive data recovery specialist as soon as you suffer hard disk failure.

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