6 Solutions when Error “The disk inserted was not readable by this computer” Corrupt Mac

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October 9, 2021


When you use an external drive but “The disk inserted was not readable by this computer” error message shows on Mac, the drive becomes inaccessible. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Such error messages can take place due to system malfunction, faulty connection or even a corrupted drive. This error on Mac will block you from accessing the data in the external drive.

Here we have shared six solutions to remove the error “this disk inserted was not readable by this computer” show up on your Mac.

Remount the external drive: As mentioned, faulty connections or improperly connected drives can bring up this error to you. Reconnect the drive to the Mac and check if the error is removed.

Connect the drive to another Mac system: You can connect the external drive to another mac system; it will clear the doubt if the drive is corrupted.

Update Mac drivers: An outdated driver on the Mac system can out-list your targeted drive from accessing it. Ensure that all the drivers in the list are updated to their latest version; mount and access the external hard drive after installing the latest drives.

Disk Utility on Mac: Mac comes with its disk utility tool that can encounter and repair errors in a hard drive. However, it is not guaranteed that it will fix the issue completely.

Format the drive: The last attempt from your end could be to format the external drive. Formatting the drive will fix all the problems, but it will also erase your data from the drive. Before implementing this step, ensure you have taken the backup of your drive to restore the drive data later.

Resort to experts: Last but not the least, when all your attempts to prevent the error “The disk inserted was not readable by this computer” fails, resort to a specialist. They have dedicated tools and specialized skills that can solve such problems and make your data accessible.


Whether any of the problems may have triggered the “this disk inserted was not readable by this computer” error message on Mac, try these solutions to get access to your files again. Also, always have updated backup data, never to lose access to your files.

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